Cold Hearted Murderer- Who Are They?

When a killer kills someone in cold blood without feeling any emotional agony in mind is called cold-hearted murderer. A person who remains calm in a tense mental situation and keeps himself cool while appearing for the killing and kills without any kind of mental agony.

These cold hearted murderers can be divided into two logical parts: getting past misjudgement and the other is the professional cold-blooded murder. If a person becomes so much disappointed with a person, loved ones or beloved that he becomes furious, and kills instantly is not a cold-blooded murder. When a person becomes so much cool before and after the killing is a cold-blooded murder. On the other hand, some professional killers do not feel any kind of emotional excitement after or before killing and smiles while describing the events of killing. Who are they? Are they really the persons with personality disorder?

You have to be clear about the hot-blooded killers to identify the cold-blooded murderers. They do something mishap when they are in “hot-blooded”. That means they do the act of killing when they are impulsively and by the influence of emotion. Before this kind of killing, most times, the two parties remain in “hot” conversation that makes agitated and angry to the other or the both. In this mental situation, if a person kills the other, it is called the “hot-blooded murder”

If you justify a cold-blooded murder and a “hot-blooded murder” some physical change you will feel that has been proved by the medical check-ups. When your skin temperature is normal and the heart-rate is also normal and you have a severe intention to kill a person, it is really a cold-blooded murder. If you are a person of everyday life, but a sheer hatred is raised against a person, and you feel that this type of person does not have any right to live in the society, you may be a cold-blooded murderer. On the other hand, there are some cold-blooded professional killers who never feel any agony in mind after killing someone such as Abdullah Catli, John Childs, Sretko Kalinic, Christopher Flannery, Frank Schweihs, etc. are some of the professional killers whose act of killing will remain on the pages of the history of the world forever.

Again, the faster heartbeat you have, the hotter you are in excitement. If you kill a person at that present moment, it is with the feat of excitement. You are not a cold-blooded murderer.

A cold-blooded murder is a murder of passion. While killing, you are totally unconscious about the action. Maybe, you will feel emotion latter or blaze up inside after a certain period of time. But while killing you will remain totally graced and passionate along with a great satisfaction.

Whatever the reason for a murder, it is a matter of sheer hatred and a reason for a life sentence or death sentence. The discussion depicts the two types of murderers and we do not have any intention to inspire murders. Live and let live in peace! For having more such life hack blogs or the best lifehack blogs subscribe us.

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