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The advancement of the internet and digital technology in recent years has not only trickled down to our lives but has transformed it in practical terms. Apart from changing the way things are done these days, this transformation has also blended our physical and digital worlds together. What else can illustrate it more clearly than the use of computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets to perform different tasks on the internet?

A couple of decades ago, some people would have neither heard about the internet nor digital devices too frequently. However, it is a different scenario altogether at the present time: not only do we make an extensive use of the internet to perform different tasks, we actually do so with a click!

Yes, that’s right. From code to food and from money to honey, all one needs to do to get them at the fingertips is click or push a button. Sounds good, isn’t it? Sure, it does. But here’s the catch – alongside convenience, it has also led to the problem of choice.

Though many people would argue that it is a good problem to have, sometimes the sway of convenience can also amount to a poor sense of judgment. Wondering how? Consider this – suppose you have three choices – A, B, C – and you choose one of them arbitrarily without applying much thought to it.

Would you have also done the same had the three items been medicines? Doing so could have had serious repercussions for your health. At worse, it could have also put your life at risk, depending on the type of the medicine you had chosen.

Whether you are buying a product, subscribing to a service or making an online transaction – the above rule applies to all. With an easy access to the internet, you have the power to make a choice. Then again, it also makes you accountable for your own decisions.

So, here’s the million-dollar question: how can you make an informed decision while subscribing to products or services on the internet with a click? Of course, by carrying out a little research before clicking the magical button– the more you do it, better would be the chances of you making an informed decision.

Gathering information on the internet is easy – run a search with your query on Google or any other search engine. The internet is the universe of information wherein you can get to know about almost everything. That said, you also need to be careful to pay attention to only the information on credible or trusted websites.

Beyond a question, the click-a-button approach has put you on top of the world to not only shop for different items but also choose the products and services you would like to subscribe to. The onus is on you to act wisely while deciding to click or not click the button. Doing the latter by gathering relevant information and applying your own thought to it can mark the line of separation between a right and wrong decision when you make the final call.

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