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There is an old saying that when you finally go back to your old school you find it wasn’t just the school you missed but your childhood. We often become void as we enter into a corporate field; people negate their emotions and endeavour to lead a practical life. Although being in college is fun and it is quite cool when you say that you have passed your graduation days. But what strikes you the most when you feel bogged down with work? Don’t you want to return to your childhood days and relive those moments? Best lifehack blog has noticed that majority of the people want to go back to their childhood days not to change anything or rectify their faults but only to cherish those nostalgic happy moments. Growing up is tough because as you enter into an adult phase from an adolescent or a childhood period, you tend to take up responsibilities and be a self-sufficient human being. I know it is vital for all us to go to office and work from 9 to 5, pay bill, meeting deadlines and looking care after our parents and be responsible in every way possible. On this Children’s Day, let us make an oath to relive our childhood days so that we do not kill the inner child within us. Many people say that they have been forced to celebrate women’s day or any other significant day but often ridiculed if they participate in any child like business. Many people do not like to celebrate the day because they feel everyday should be a day where people can celebrate the innocence of a child but this particular day is observed especially to celebrate with children. This day is marked on 14th November; in India, the entire population marks the birthday of the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru but the chief purpose of the day is for the welfare of the children.

Best lifehack blog gives you some ideas on how to celebrate Children’s Day. Here are some tips to celebrate the day:

•Host a party and some game a shows to show the excitement.
•Add some songs and dance shows by your kids and ask them to participate.
•Perform a theatre or elocution competition
•Take your kids to the amusement park
•Host a dress up relay competition for fun
•Face charades are exciting way for some enjoyment and fun
•Organise an outing with your friends and peer mates
•Organise a classroom debate or a quiz game
•Conduct a field trip or a picnic. Take them out to a museum, water world, zoo or a planetarium
•Arrange a social meeting and take them to an orphanage or old age home for compassion and empathy.

The ideas just don’t end here, organise and prepare something out of love. You know your children better, so execute your plan, accordingly. You can also celebrate with your friends even if you are a grown up adult.

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