Everything You Need To Know About Li-Fi (Fastest Wi-Fi On Earth)

Up to now we believed Wi-fi has brought revolution in digital communications. Yes it is definitely true. But the capacity of Wi-Fi is full now. South Korea is the country which is giving its citizens highest Wi-Fi speed that is 100 Megabytes per second. A new technology is coming among us

8 Strangest Cars On Earth

What is your dream car? Maybe Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or any one of those premium cars. But apart from them there is a whole new market of strange cars. People love to buy it. Even when company knows they will never put them into production, still they make it. They

The Harmfulness of Using Wireless Devices

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The buzz of cell phone radiation has been heard many times. The radiations coming out from wireless active devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones are also too much harmful to human beings. If you want to enjoy using them you should not be panic, use them logically following the safety

What to consider before online purchasing

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Most of us are fond of doing online shopping and keep a conscious attention when the big sale appears on the online shopping sites. Though there were some confusions at a time for online shopping, the misperceptions are now gone. People jump over the big sale arranged by eCommerce sties

7 Best Technological Inventions of 21st Century

7-greatest-technological inventions-of-21st-century

Evolution in technology is expeditious in current era as compared to last three decades. We came across many remarkable inventions. Not only did those technological inventions made our life easier but they have become an integrated part of our basic needs. Connecting to one another has become convenient and efficient.

BIOS Keys – Boot Keys – System Keys – Recovery Keys for Laptops / Desktop PCs

Bios keys, Boot Option keys, System keys & Recovery keys

Your struggling days to search around for Bios keys, Boot Option keys, System keys and Recovery keys for your laptops and desktop PCs are over. Being a technology savvy these keys will turn out handy to you. Every model and brand have a different set of keys. And this is also not

5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Secure


Smartphone is necessity in our life now rather than an accessory. You can do almost anything with it. So it becomes inevitable to make our smartphone secure. In recent days, travel bookings, banking transactions, online shopping and many other things has made your private information more prone to unprecedented hacking attacks. Malevolent hackers