The Unsaid Tale of a Comedian

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Best motivation blogs narrates many different stories of great personality but there are some unforgotten stories that keep hanging in the cracked walls and most of the times it is buried inside us. Some of the stories are unsaid and left incomplete because they never cease to float and cannot

Rags To Riches Story of Larry Ellison – Founder of Oracle Corporation

larry ellison

This is an inspiring story of a person, who against all odds, established world's largest database development company, Oracle. Yes, we are talking about Lawrence Joseph Ellison, popularly known as Larry Ellison, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Oracle Corporation. Read best oracle blog here Born to an unmarried Jewish teenager and an Italian

5 Truly Inspirational Stories Of Women Who Rose From Rags To Riches

truly inspirational stories of women who rose from rags to riches

We lose hope just before we realize our potential to win. According to our knowledge, we are the only one who is facing some insurmountable adversities that are very much impossible to conquer. But we are wrong. There are certain people around us who made the best out of whatever