Spin your luck, no go? Repeat

Spin your luck, no go? Repeat | Best Lifehack Blog

There’s no short cut to success. Yet, in this era of crypto currency and online traffic, digital media has multiple ways of getting our info, selling them to third parties without our permission. That leads to the vulnerability of our data and constantly, third party marketing agencies; target our lucks,

Detoxification Is The New Toxin

Detoxification Is The New Toxin | Best Lifehack Blog

Detox diets are nothing new, but over the past few years they’ve surged into an uncontrollable fad. From juice cleanses to pills and powders, the detox definition has grown so much that it has warped into something almost completely unrecognizable. Ads and celebrities are constantly touting the latest detox methods

Click is The New Trick

Click is the new trick | Best Lifehack blog

The advancement of the internet and digital technology in recent years has not only trickled down to our lives but has transformed it in practical terms. Apart from changing the way things are done these days, this transformation has also blended our physical and digital worlds together. What else can

Give Sugary Drinks a Chop

Give Sugary Drinks a Chop | Best Lifehack blog

It is commonplace to catch sight of people consuming sugary drinks such as soda, tonic or pop, soft drinks and beverages these days. While consuming them occasionally does not cause much harm to the body, getting into the habit of doing it regularly can have serious repercussions for one’s health