Some Charming Ways to Fight Loneliness

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From the check-ins at the romantic dinners to passing happy hours with the ladylove, from the bachelorette party to the happy hours with dear ones- everything fills the memory for life. But, the days of mournfulness, stress, and anxiety are no less painful. The most painful moments are the days

7 Personal Hygiene Rules We Smash Every day.

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Personal Hygiene Is Not For Saturday Anymore!! Much Like Charity Begins At Home, Sanitation And Hygiene Starts With You And Me..! Yalla! Let’s talk about Hygiene. The rules of hygiene and self-care are not that difficult, but we still tend do some things wrong at times. XpressPlanet is going to tell you 7

6 Health Foods That You Should Better Avoid

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When the nutrition specialist mentions some food as “healthy”, we breathe a sigh of relief. They consider in regards to the percentage of carbohydrate, protein, fat and some micronutrients. But, all the foods and its ingredients are not healthy when they are used in different forms. So-called “health” foods are