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When you face some issues with your refrigerator system or to your air conditioner system, you must call to the customer care service of the respected companies. When the business competition is increasing day by day, the companies try to provide the best ever service for their customers. They have understood that for better assistance, the call centre is the most reliable process today. Apart from increasing the service experience by virtue of these call-centres; the job opportunity is also increasing for the young and experienced ones.

Most call centres provide services for the business of other companies. Most companies do not take the responsibility of customer assistance to their ends and take the support of customer service team of a particular company. They outsource their business process to the company. This is the reason these call centres are called BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Raman Roy can be called the father of Indian BPO. He set up four BPO companies for himself and one for himself. The first two BOPs were in-house captive call-centres for American Express (AmEx) and General Electric (GE). He opened the backend customer service for AmEx and GE and reduced the cost by 40 to 50 percent. He further established the company Spectramind which was further acquired by Wipro.

Mr. Roy’s collaboration with AmEx confirmed that India could be the best place for business process outsourcing. GE and Wipro found that India is the best location for outsourcing their businesses to the third party companies in India.

Getting the inspiration from all these, he thought to move on and established Quatrro.

The demand for BPO is still increasing. Therefore, there is a huge scope for flourishing your career through BPO services. From the agent to team lead to the assistance manager- everywhere there is a bright future of faster career development.

Mr. Roy started his mission almost 30 years ago and the progress of BPO industry is observed everywhere. Still, the conception of Indians towards call-centres is not satisfactory. The common terminologies about BPO are call-centre, contact centre, voice process, non-voice process, graveyard or night shift, etc. When millions of young men and women are working in BPO and building their career, the Indian society considers such environment to be not acceptable.

There is no clear idea why Indian society does not appreciate the working environment of BPO. If working both men and women together in a call-centre is their prime reason for non-acceptance, we Indians will remain far behind from progress. If men and women work together in night-shifts, where is the problem? If these are the issues that hit on the sentiment of Indian tradition, we will prove ourselves immature before the whole world.

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