From Boyfriend to Husband- 6 Changes That Are All So Authentic

“I Promise To Always Be By Your Side. Or Under You. Or On Top Of You”

When your man goes from being your boyfriend to your husband, there are obviously some logical change that our bound to occur! Your partner doesn’t suddenly become an entirely new person when his title shifts from “boyfriend” to “husband”; all of the things you loved about him before you got married will still be there, and all of the things that annoyed you about him will still drive you completely up the goddamn wall. Err, congrats? Fortunately for you, these changes are definitely more positive than negative…or so we think!! Have a read and see if you agree!

  1. He now expects you to be a little responsible too!
    Something you might not take too well if you’ve been the one being pampered by him all this while. But now that you’re his wife and not his girlfriend, he will probably expect you to share the responsibility a little bit and take turns at being pampered!
  2. You Fight Differently…
    You know this is for keeps, so you learn to let the little things and bad moods go. You’re in this for life- So threatening to walk out over frivolous and petty matters is not very wise. You have to suck it up sometimes, compromise a little and learn to choose your battles smartly.
  3. You Learn That Love Is Just a Small Part of Marriage
    Marriage more than loving each other- it’s about compromise, sacrifice, a lot more responsibilities and learning to love each other’s families as much as you love your own.
  4. Communication Changes
    Late night texts and phone calls are now replaced by midnight conversations lying in bed. You no longer plan dates, but instead remind each other of whose turn it is to buy the groceries.
  5. You Get a Roommate for Life
    If you’ve been dating for a while, then marriage kind of just feels like a live-in relationship. Expect your parents will just approve it 😉
  6. Your Sex Life Changes for the Better
    There’s a prevalent stereotype that says married couples never have sex, but that just isn’t true. If you have a great sexual connection with your boyfriend before you get married, you’ll still have it when he’s your husband, and this time for the better!!! When you live together, you can do it whenever and however you want it… ;)!!!
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