Bios keys, Boot Option keys, System keys & Recovery keys

Your struggling days to search around for Bios keys, Boot Option keys, System keys and Recovery keys for your laptops and desktop PCs are over. Being a technology savvy these keys will turn out handy to you. Every model and brand have a different set of keys. And this is also not such an important information to fill up in the RAM of your mind. You can bookmark this page for ease of use in future.


  • ESC – Boot Option
  • Delete / F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F9 – ASUS Laptop Recovery

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  • Delete – BIOS Setup
  • F8 – DELL Factory image restore (Repair Your Computer)
  • CTRL + F11 – DELL PC Restore

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  • F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F12 – Boot Option
  • ALT + F10 – ACER eRecovery

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HP Pavilion / Compaq Laptops

  • ESC – Startup Menu
  • F1 – System Information
  • F2 – System Diagnostics
  • F9 – Boot Option
  • F10 – BIOS Setup
  • F11 – System Recovery

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IBM Thinkpad

  • F12 – Boot Option
  • F1 – BIOS Setup
  • F11 – IBM Product Recovery

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  • F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F12 – Boot Option
  • OneKey Rescue System

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  • F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F11 – Boot Option
  • F12 – Network Boot
  • F10 – VAIO Recovery Wizard

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  • F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F12 – Boot Option
  • 0(zero) – Toshiba Harddrive Recovery Utility
  • F8 – Advanced Boot Options Menu

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  • F12 – Boot Option
  • F2 – BIOS Setup
  • F11 – Recovery Program

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APPLE Laptop

  • Command + Option + P + R – PRAM and NVRAM Reset
  • Command + S – Boot into Single-User mode
  • C – Boot From CD Drive
  • N – Boot From Network
  • D – Boot From OS/X Recovery and Perform Hardware Test
  • Option – HD Boot Volume Selection
  • Option + N – Boot Image From Netboot Server

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