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In the age of Big Box, the small business is growing up with the opposite intuition. The businesses of all Big Box channels are standing on the great advertisements by the word of mouths. Most times, the cost of the price of the products is also exceptionally higher than the stores of the small businesses. They do not have sales and won’t match prices. The staffs try to insist customers on saving money with a bulk purchase for which they get a free bonus. These larger market channels are closed on Sundays.

Watching the accommodation of the counters of the Big Box channels, you might consider that their ultimate sale is innumerous, and their profit is also remarkable. But, what does the study say?

It seems that every day the new news has been received about the Big Box that their retailers are shuttering down more locations. The recent news shows that renowned Kmart and Sears have closed more than 20 stores. Another report discloses that more than 400 stores have been closed from the four chains: Sears, J.C. Penney, Kmart, Macy’s.

While hundreds of stores have been closing their outlets, you will see a spontaneous growth of small business for their impulsive service and affordable cost. Local people always prefer a reliable service with qualitative price-range.

The local businessmen always prepare a strong bondage with the local customers. People always entertain shopping from the reliable person who is amiable and well-known.

According to The 2015 Cox Consumer Pulse on Small Businesses- more than 92% consumers visit small business stores at least once a week, 46% visit thrice or more times in a week.

Sometimes, the large stores give a factory clearance sale and offer some discounts on their printed rate of the products. Obviously, you will find either with marks on the products, lower in quality or some products that are not sold all the year round. It has no meaning when the small business owners are selling their premium products at an affordable price always.

The cost for store maintenance is comparatively less with the small business holders. They always consider the customers’ mind and their shops are closed on the day when customers’ visit will be less.

They always bring the new and fresh products for the customers that are always expected by the customers. Their deep-rooted selling experience and dealing with the consumers result in a lot for the development of their sales.

Big stores don’t mean a big sale! The greater response to the consumers matters most.

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