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Today, this is a burning question to the Android smartphone users that the battery power is draining up so fast. Thousands of apps demand that they can save your battery effectively. But, do they really help to save your battery? Probably, you have downloaded a few of them and tried many times. What is the result you have got? You need to get logical information whether they work or not. This best lifehack blog will help you a lot.

It is amusing, 90% of the android users are using any one of the battery saver and cleaning apps. You must notice that they work automatically to save the battery. But, what they really do and how are they helpful for you?

The app activity analysis

Actually, the apps demand that they automatically close the running apps, cleans junk and other residual files from the phone and saves the battery, and makes the performance fast.

What really happens?

When the battery saver app performs, they close all the running apps. Yes, it is right. But, the thing is that as soon as it closes the running apps, the android starts activating them again for keeping the performance faster when the app is touched by the users.

The processor has to work on activating the closed apps! Battery drains fast!
The battery saver app again cleans the apps by making itself auto activated. Battery drains!
If you manually operate the battery saver app, you will learn that the recently closed apps have been auto-activated within a few seconds. If you again operate the app manually, the closed apps will be seen active and they will be closed again!

Then what has your battery saver app done? THE SAVER APP CLOSES RUNNING APPS; THE ANDROID SYSTEM MAKES THEM RUN! Strange! Why do they demand that they can save batteries? Rather drains the battery faster than ever before.
Are you frustrated now? No, you should be so! Use your inbuilt RAM cleaning app that every Android system has! It works without draining your battery.

Now, please tell me, whether your smartphone performs much time after using the battery saver app? Probably, you will smile a while!

Then, what to do for saving your battery? Here some solutions have been provided. Apply the followings, they really work!

Manage brightness level

You should not use auto-brightness adjustment to your smartphone. This keeps the front light sensor active to adjust screen brightness according to the light outside. Rather, change the brightness level manually whenever you need. This saves your battery much. You know screen consumes maximum batter to light it up.

Running apps

Close all the running apps from your device’s app management section, or RAM cleaning option.

Manage unnecessary apps installed

If you have some apps installed on your device but you run them once in a blue moon, you need to uninstall them as soon as possible. You can choose the option so that it does not start automatically to drain the battery. If your phone does not have the option, you can take the support of Greenify app that hibernates active apps, and they will be activated when they are called for.


There are some apps that send notifications. If you chose the option not to send the notification, the battery will be saved as the app won’t be active for sending you the notification. Think, if your social media app sends 50 notifications in an hour and the screens get lighted, how much it will affect your battery performance.
There are some apps that remain always active on notification panel of your mobile. Please, turn it off otherwise, the battery performance of your smartphone will be drastically reduced.
The app showing pop up ads should be uninstalled or you should buy the premium apps for the same.

Lite app installation

There are some alternative versions of basic apps which are named as lite apps. The root of the file is less, the processor needs to perform less, and they run fast when the RAM is less. These apps consume less battery as well.

Change charging criteria

Most android users charge the battery of the phone when they get time. It damages the battery and its performance. It is better to charge when you have 10% to 15% of battery and make it full to 100%. It enhances the battery performance.

Close the service if not essential

Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Hotspot, etc. service should be closed as soon as they are not necessary. These services drain the battery much.

Keep your phone away

If your smartphone is at your hand, you will press its button every now and then. This makes the screen light up. So, the charge of your battery will be wasted without any reason. If possible, keep your phone on the table, away from the hand.
After all, keep all your apps up-to-date along with your operating system. This will save your battery performance. Except using the battery saver app, you should follow my instruction. Be with me, I’ll scatter best Lifehack blog every now and then!

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