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Though it might appear a bit unusual, people whom you hang out with or who you call friends influence a majority of decisions made by you. That is to say, the company of people you are with can be the decisive factor for either your success or failure in your life.

According to the best motivational blog, not everyone would push you to be better – some people might stop you from taking risks or even pursuing your dreams. So, it is important to make a conscious choice of who you spend time with. Here are the people who you should limit spending your time with.

1. The Complainers

It is not hard at all to identify the complainers. They are those people who constantly whine or complain about how bad everything is – their life, job and umpteen other things. The worst part about them is that they only keep whining about everything without making any effort on their own to fix the issues.

Being around such people will not only make you a professional complainer but also inherit their pessimism which could be detrimental to your character. So, before you sit down with them, think again.

2. The Entitled

The entitled people strongly believe that they have the right or entitlement to certain things and that the people who mingle with them, owe them something in some way or the other. Because they have a tendency to talk ambitious people out of following their dreams, it is a wise thing to avoid them as far as possible. They can be a threat to both your determination and motivation.

Whether you refer to the best motivational blog on the internet or any book on etiquettes, you would come across the suggestion that no one is entitled to anything. One has to work on creating opportunities to achieve one’s goals in life.

3. The Conformers

People who belong to this category develop a habit of getting used to following a routine engagement, and doing it time and again. For example, conformers would work happily for 40 hours a week, go home, sleep, and start doing the same the next day.

Though they may not harm you in any way, they would never mind giving it a thought to go against the status quo. Keeping in mind the fact that a person who follows their dreams can never conform to the average life, you should try to limit spending time with conformers to keep yourself motivated.

4. The Doubters

It is commonplace to find people who raise or express their doubts about the plans or abilities of the other individuals. They are the doubters. More often than not, they would assert their recommendations and suggest that you follow their advice in order to achieve your objectives. It translates to the fact that they would try their best to manipulate your plans and in the process, prevent you from being yourself – both in terms of your personality and career. Avoid being friends with people in whom you notice such personality traits.

If you have been friends with people with one of the above characteristic traits, it would be to your benefit to stop spending time with them more frequently. You need not sever ties with them; however, you need to be careful not to inherit their traits.

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