Are We Moving Towards an Automated Future?

The Indian vendors embrace automated intelligence (AI) under the pressure of their clients. The force of industrial automation and the use of artificial intelligence are about to render nearly 70% of the Indian workers within the ensuing year. The tech analysis indicates that the use of artificial automation will impact the

Children Should Be Seen and Heard, Making them Work At this Tender Age Is Absurd

Children Should Be Seen and Heard, Making them Work At this Tender Age Is Absurd

                                  “Don’t ask children to take tool instead send them to school” India is sadly the home to the largest numbers of child labourers in the world. Child labour in India, somehow, has become a social norm that we accept and tolerate in our society. This exploitative and abusive practice will

Twisting History in Bollywood Movies

The Use of VFX in Bollywood Movies- Best movies trend

What is common among Robot (Enthiran), Bajirao Mastani, Baahubali or Padmavat? Yes, you may say they are the high budget movies. They were known for their high-quality Visual Effects. What is Visual Effect? Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and the imagery generated for the intention of involving environment

Child Rape??? Humanity At Its Ebb

Child Rape??? Humanity At Its Ebb | Best Lifehack Blog

“Every Child Is Innocent, Save Them from the Fear” “Save Girl Child” is trending of late, that’s nothing more than a charade.  What society really makes of these words? Just to let the baby girl see the world? Saving her in womb, is it enough? Rescued her, gave her a life

Cold Hearted Murderer- Who Are They?

Cold Hearted Murderer- Who Are They?

When a killer kills someone in cold blood without feeling any emotional agony in mind is called cold-hearted murderer. A person who remains calm in a tense mental situation and keeps himself cool while appearing for the killing and kills without any kind of mental agony. These cold hearted murderers can

My GENITALS Do Not Define My GENDER!!!

My GENITALS Do Not Define My GENDER! | Humanity | Best Lifehack Blog

 “Everyone Has a Story, Listen To It before You Judge” I don’t get why people refuse to use the correct pronouns for people. Like I get that you might not agree with their gender identity but you really aren’t being heroic for “Standing Up For Your Belief’s” you’re just hurting someone’s

Daughter VS Daughter-In-Law | Best Lifehack Blog

Daughter VS Daughter-In-Law- Best Lifehack Blog

There is a well-known conflict in the minds of men and women about a daughter and a daughter-in-law. Your daughter is the extract of your flesh and blood but a daughter-in-law is not. This is the reason when a girl becomes daughter-in-law in Indian culture; they are not treated with