The Indian vendors embrace automated intelligence (AI) under the pressure of their clients. The force of industrial automation and the use of artificial intelligence are about to render nearly 70% of the Indian workers within the ensuing year.

The tech analysis indicates that the use of artificial automation will impact the future hiring in India.  The artificial intelligence will regulate the automation system and more than 65% of global IT offshored works and 40% of the business process will be finished without the active support of manpower. However, the most hopeful matter is that some well-trained professionals will be appointed to operate the automation system.

“Ongoing reductions of headcount in outsourced businesses (due to automation) will eventually result in a scenario where (only) 30 percent of the workforce will remain relevant,”- uttered the Research Director at Gartner, Mr. DD Mishra.

Therefore, this foresee proves that more than 70% of workloads will be performed by machines without the need of human intervene. It is sure that the speed of work will be increased many times. This will enhance the performance of the run-of-the-mill-tasks.

At the same time, the overseas clients are asking their outsourcing partners to embrace the automation so that this can increase the performance accuracy that beats the competitors.

In terms of manual labour, it will be reduced around 5% for the robotic performance in mines and factories- uttered McKinsey Global Institute think tank. More than fifty percent mining jobs might be abolished for automated mining system in the next decade. The robotic performance will also affect the job of data collectors, travel agents and bank tellers, etc. will be reduced remarkably. Look at the bank passbook printing machine. Some reputed banks have eliminated the person operating printing machine and replace an automated robotic machine that works automatically.

If you question me who will suffer most, there is no clear answer because this depends entirely on occupation. The job of the physical workers is going to reduce remarkably, while the job of IT professionals will surely foresee a great possibility of huge openings. The jobs of accountants are going to shrink for the advanced software-run calculating system integration.

The improved countries are going to implement automated technology on driving that will affect the job of the car, truck, and taxi drivers remarkably in the near future. But, this will affect less in the Indian workforce as it will take time to enter automated driving technology in the Indian highway.

The world is moving forward clasping the hands of technology. You have to accept the general flow of it to move forward and see you in a prosperous country. Only, you need to develop your skill with confidence to get adapted with time.

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