Halloween is also known by All Hallows Eve, The Feast of the Deed and All Hollowtide. It is an eerie celebration marked every year in the western countries on 31st October. It is mainly a Saint’s Day usually celebrated on Tuesdays, an eve of the Western Christian feast. It has been originated from the Middle Age practice of poor dressing up or more precisely from the Celtic harvesting celebration of Samhain (end of the harvest season or departing summer). Though, majority of the people believed it to be a Christian or a paganised festival. It was believed that ghosts and spirits can penetrate into the walls and can ruin the crops. So people arranged dinner table to satisfy and welcome the spirits. They decorated, ordered food and drink, also light bonfires to ask the spirits to return. Best lifehack blog has some interesting facts to enlighten you this Halloween! Let us gather some knowledge about this celebration!

Brief History of decking up

People can go out and celebrate Halloween by reciting poems representing them as the dead spirits. The enthusiasm which they took while participating and dressing themselves up as ghosts were quite delighting. People belonging from Scotland, Ireland and Wales had the habit of dressing in poor costumes and many decked up as mere spooky beings only to knock at their neighbours and prevent them from ghosts.

How do people celebrate Halloween?

Majority of the children and adults play apple bobbing, display their art on the pumpkins and play pranks with neighbours and friends. Many people throw party and dress in a costume party tr4icking with their mates and colleagues. Others celebrate by watching horror movies, discussing about spirits and ghosts, scaring your loved ones only to see them laugh later, pious women visit churches while those who are always up for something adventurous visit haunted attractions. Children visit their neighbours and knock at the doors asking for soul cakes, many are offered with cakes and other savouries with a cross marked on top of the food. They went dressed as demons, dead souls or as angels and when the cakes were being devoured it represented that soul is getting freedom from torment and agony. Many historians pray hard for the dead souls at Hallow Mass and they come as decked up for meeting their desires, cross dressing was an art during that period. So, children would offer songs or poetry instead of prayer and in return they are offered fruit or money. During the Victorian period, costumes became an integral part of the celebration and Gothic literature such as bats and Egyptian Pharaoh etc. Later pop culture played a great role in influencing these types of celebration.

Few Interesting Facts about Halloween

Tricking comes from the Middle Age practice of the impoverished group of society dressed in costumes begging for food and money. They promised to keep the people in their prayers and after they ate the soul cake, it was believed that a soul which is imprisoned is free from the cage after a long time. The owl is quite a symbolic image in this festival, in the medieval period of Britain it was believed that the shrieking of an owl is parallel to an evil omen. The owl is compared to a witch, and the call is referred to any death news.

Many believe that if someone sees a spider at that night then it could be the spirit of your loved one watching you from a distance. It is the third grandest festival on earth after New Year and Super Bowl Sunday. It is the last day of the Celtic calendar and basically a pagan holiday honouring the dead soul.

It is one of the oldest festivals celebrated across the world, nearly over 2000years ago, at the time of the Celts. It came in North America by immigrants from Europe and they used to mark the day of harvest, celebrated by sharing laughter and enjoyment around a bonfire.

Orange and black are the two vital theme colours of Halloween as orange is associated with the Fall Harvest and black is attached to darkness and death.

When is Halloween?

Halloween is marked usually on 31st October and this year it is a Tuesday. It is held before All Saint’s Day- where Christians honoured and recognised the saints in their native land. So play trick with your friends and neighbours and allow a soul to be free from purgation. Best lifehack blog is a great platform where people can share ideas and put forth their views about this festival. So write and share your ideas on how to celebrate this Halloween in the most unique way.

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