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It seems men and women of the day are not ready to entertain a long-term relationship with one another and so are the commitments. Men want their dream girls like Princess Madeleine, Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge or any cinematic heroine. Women, on the other hand, want to get the superheroes like Channing Tatum or Prince Charming. The desire for the best never ends up. This is the reason, most relations beaks up. Whatever commitment a man or a woman takes, it goes into unknown verge! Is it a relation? If people are so fickle in mind, where are we all going?

You believe it or not, the modern generation is moving towards the eternal bachelorship!

If you go deep into the human heart, you will get a stunning reason for the restlessness about maintaining a relationship after commitment. For men, it is a kind and for the women, it is another kind.

When a man and a woman remain loyal to their commitment, the relationship moves forward, even for life. But, their minds are distracted by some modern activities and immoral thinking. What is it? Let’s consider.

The men in the modern age see women differently. From the very boyhood, they are addicted to the pornography. When a man comes to the relationship with a woman, his tend is not to obey the commitment, rather fulfilling the instant desire of mind. Men want to come closer to women and quench the thirst of their mind. When from the very young age a man is accustomed to unrealistic standards, they must be fickle minded.

On the other hand, if you justify the minds of women in the modern generation, they want to live in the world of fairy-tale where all the wealth and entertainment will be available. Smart and handsome boys having a huge property are always their prime knack. If a woman is in a love relationship, she always finds the better option in life when the charm in a man ends up.

When men and women- especially in the modern age- are so uncertain about a relationship, how can you expect a commitment will stay longer? This has been going on from the past. It seems to be the modern trend of human relationship!

The grass is always greener! When you look a glass to the others table, it seems more colourful than you. This is the main cause of unfulfilled relationship and the crush of commitment. If you cannot maintain a relationship for life, cannot keep the commitment, where will you go further. What you are doing with others may fall on you later! If each passing girl evokes lewd fantasies in your (when you are a boy) mind, or a sporty boy (when you are a girl) makes you excited, commitment can never stay long.

If your first love episode ends like the ending of Disney fairy tale, it is for your inconsistent and casual approach to your love-life. Isn’t it charming to love the same guy with different ways and feel romance!

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