Admission in Good Schools Now Becoming a Challenge

What is the great concerning matter of the parents in the recent times? The most concerning matter is to admit their children to the great schools either to the nursery level or to the primary level.

Probably, you do not want to run backwards when every parent wants to admit their child to a good school. Here is the competition starts. You have to prepare your kids like a superhero having exclusive memory power with superior skills. Otherwise, the percentage of the admission test will be less, and your kid will not be able to take admission in the coveted school. When it comes to the admission in primary level, the percentage of nursery level matters much. Most times, the students do not get admission forms if they do not have enough percentage in nursery level, and then the numbers of admission test matter much.

This is a real struggle for life indeed! People say that earning the livelihood is the greatest struggle in the human life, but the parents know how the situation can be severe while admitting their children to a good school.

Doesn’t your child fall in the categories like alumni, sibling, girl child, management of EWS quota? Then, the chances of getting admission to a great school become even bleaker.

If you look at the admission criteria of good English medium schools in the recent times, you will be perplexed. Apart from the other criteria followed by the general schools, they also take a tough interview with the parents. They have to pass it. High education, English speaking, and high-income parents get selected to admit their children to the good English schools.

Then, where the future of your child determines? You don’t know. But there is a crack in each the closed door to pass the light through! Yes! It’s donation! If you want to admit your kids to a good school, you have to offer the management authority money under the table.

The admission-tricks and politics also go on that harass the parents very much. Most times, the less reputed schools declare the last date of admission first when the good schools do not declare the list of qualified students. If you do not admit your child to the less reputed school, how could you confirm that your kid will get chance to a great school?

Here lays the great confusion! Either you have to admit your kid to the less reputed school or contract a great deal with the authorities of it to get confirmation of the future of the child.

While taking admission to the great colleges, the completion lays on the same level. Most pupils are frustrated because they are not getting the coveted college to take admission for reason of stiff competition as well as corruption.

You may say why the local government does not take any action against this menace. Obviously, they take but when the money passes under the table, where is the proof?

If your kid does not get the right school, it will not acquire good marks. The future schooling and career will face a great set back. Therefore, it’s a great challenge to admit your kids to a great school with a hope for great days!

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