What is your dream car? Maybe Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or any one of those premium cars. But apart from them there is a whole new market of strange cars. People love to buy it. Even when company knows they will never put them into production, still they make it. They invest thousands of dollars in it. This is not a new thing. It exists right when the evolution in cars just began. People not only love these kind of strange cars, they collect them. And eventually they are sold at very high prices in auctions. Let us look deep into the strangest cars on earth.

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8 Strangest Cars On Earth

Tasco 1948


Tasco is an acronym of The American Sports Car Company. Gorden Buehirg designed it to compete in Watkins Glen International in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Due to the development and production costs reaching at $57000 Tasco 1948 was never put into production. The designer of Tasco 1948 sued General motors because of T-rooftop used in 1968 Corvette.

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Davis Divan

davis divan

Davis Divan is a three wheeled convertible built by Davis Motor Company in 40s decade. Glen Gordon “Gary” Davis designed this car and named it after himself. With strong publicity and aggressive campaigning the company raised $1.2 million through sales of 350 dealerships. Failing to deliver cars on time company faced more than 25 lawsuits from employees for not paying their wages as well as from dealers and went bankrupt. Only 16 cars of Davis Divan were produced out of which only 12 are survived till today.

Stout Scarab

stout scarab

From far this car looks like a predecessor of Volkswagen Beetle, but it is not. This car The Stout scarab. Designed by William B. Stout and manufactured by Stout Engineering Laboratories, Stout Scarab is also known as world’s first version of minivan. It’s first running prototype was completed in 1932. Stout Scarab is the first car with aluminium space-frame unit-construction body. Today there are only 5 versions of this car present in the world. If you wish to see Stout Scarab, you can visit Detroit Historical Museum, Michigan, United States.

stout scarab

Dymaxion Car


During a Great Depression, The Dymaxion Car was designed by American Inventor Buckminster Fuller. This car was designed with an aim that it might one day fly and drive. It was difficult to drive this vehicle in high wind due to its strange design. Only 3 of Dymaxion Car were made which survives till today. The Dymaxion Car never reached the phase of commercial production.

BMW Isetta / Bubble Car

bmw isetta

Is it an egg? Or bubble? No its BMW Isetta! This egg shaped car of BMW is an Italian-designed microcar built in several countries. It is also famous as bubble car because of its bubble like windows. BMW Isetta has credit to become world’s first mass-production car to get fuel consumption of 100 kms per 3 litres. It was the top selling single-cylinder car in the world at that time. The modern electric version of this car is called Microlino which consists of same design. The production of Microlino will start from mid-2018.

GM Firebird I

gm firebird 1

No definitely not! This is not a plane. This post is about cars. Harley Earl designed General Motors Firebird I. Due to its impractical design, General motors never intended to put this car into production. Bubble topped canopy with single seat, bullet shaped front, wings and a tail makes this car really a strange looking as if it is an imitation of plane on wheels. Later on General Motors released Firebird II, Firebird III and Firebird IV with modifications in design.

Messerschmitt KR200


For a decade from mid 1950s Messerschmitt KR200 was produced by aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt. This car was designed by aircraft engineer Fritz Fend. Later on Fend bought the car production unit of small motor vehicles from Messerschmitt and started production under his brand FMR. Unfortunately this three wheeled car could not survive the competition it faced from Mini and its production was ceased in 1964

Heinkel Kabine

Heinkel kabine

Ernst Heinkel of Heinkel Flugzeugwerke designed microcar Heinkel Kabine in 1956. It had a steel unit body with only one door. Three variants 175 Typ 153, 200 Type 154 with 240 cc engine and 200 Typ 154 with 198 cc engine were produced. Despite its popularity Heinkel Kabine was a loss and was sold to Dundalk Engineering Company. Eventually the license of this car was withdrawn and its production was stopped.

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