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You have heard it before and I want to tell you once more – ‘Failure is the Pillar of Success’! Most of you have ignored it considering to be one of the cliché proverbs but a few people sitting on the peak of success would simply prove you wrong! It is rightfully said that “The taste of sweat is sweeter than anything else in the world”. The stories I am going to narrate today will describe the hard-earned achievements of the most accomplished individuals in the world and can take place in the best motivation blog flawlessly.

Failure Of Bill Gates’ First Business

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Yes, the richest individual of the planet tasted the bitter failure as well! Even Bill Gates could not make money at first since his first business attempt Traf-O-Data which was conceptualised on reading traffic tapes and processing the data faced a huge downfall. When his business partner Paul Allen tried to sell it, it did not even work! But the failure could not stop them to try again and according to Allen, that failure was seminal for the first product of Microsoft 2 years later.

Albert Einstein Could Not Talk Until He Was 4!

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Considerably the greatest scientist till the date even struggled! Yes, you are reading it right; the inventor of E = mc2 was believed to be a dud for some people in his childhood. His teachers thought he was lazy and won’t be able to make any difference in future. Though he got good marks in exams but his mind was always in the cloud coming up with the questions nearly impossible to answer. But he continued thinking and eventually invented the theory of relativity!

Jim Carrey – A Homeless Once!

Jim Carrey – A Homeless Once

Jim Carrey can enlist his name in any of the best motivation blog with his endless struggle and heart touching story! When he was just 15, he had to drop his school to support his family as they went from lower middle class to poor and they literally started to live in a van! But Carrey did not let this stop him from achieving his dream of becoming a comedian. From the time his dad drove him to the comedy clubs in Toronto, to become one of the finest comedians of the era, Jim Carrey carries the definition of glory.

Bethany Hamilton had Her Arm Bitten by A Shark!

Bethany Hamilton had Her Arm Bitten by A Shark

Bethany Hamilton is one of the examples of women empowerments and a living example of motivation. When surfing at the age of 13, she was badly bitten by a shark which caused her arm to be cut off immediately. But she did not lose hope and struggled to the extent and consequently, she was back on the surfboard just one month later. After two years, she got the first place on Explorer Women’s Division of the NSSA National Championships.

Benjamin Franklin Dropped Out of School at the Age of 10!

Benjamin Franklin Dropped Out of School at the Age of 10

The father of United States, Benjamin Franklin was a leading polymath, author, scientist, politician and what not! But you will be shocked to know he was a drop out from his school only at the age of 10. Basically, his parents could not afford him to continue his education but that did not stop the great man. His struggle started to shape when he taught himself with voracious reading and eventually came up with the invention of lightning rod and bifocals.

Stephen King’s First Novel was Rejected 30 Times!

Stephen King’s First Novel was Rejected

The writer of famous books like ‘The Shining’, ‘Carrie’ and ‘The Stand’, Stephen King was a failure at first. After being consistently rejected by publishers, he threw his first book into the trash but his wife retrieved it and asked him to finish it. Without his wife and his willpower, he could not have tasted the success of sitting on the heights of 350 million selling!

Thomas Edison Failed 1000 Times before Inventing the Light Bulb!

Thomas Edison

Although you may see the story of Thomas Edison in countless best motivation blog, I am still going to mention it as it is a worthy story to be placed! There’s a debate regarding the number of trials ranging from 1000 – 10,000 but it’s safe to say that he tried and failed endless times but struggled and attempted anyway and finally came up with one of the most important inventions of mankind – the light bulb.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle “ – Napoleon Hill.

There are no such short cuts for success and you need to explore yourself every day to come up with the best. Giving up is not an option if you want to accomplish certain heights. Time always changes and you have to believe in that with all your heart. Perhaps, you are going through a bad patch but that absolutely does not end the scope of your triumph in future.

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