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Leading is a great challenge and everybody cannot do the task very efficiently. But, when the leader is efficient and influential in all their activities and pays a clear attention to everything, he is the best leader.

Most leaders want to lead and do not want to be led. But, all leaders want to get valued by the people working in the team. If you take the approach to add value to the team, you have the best chance of influencing them.

Today, we’ll discuss some ideologies to lead your leader through the best lifehack blog. However, you must keep in your mind to support your leader, add value to the organisation and distinguish yourself different from rest of the members and prove yourself excellent.

Make yourself exceptional

“The key to leading yourself well is to learn self-management.”

In order to be successful, you must make the right decision at the very beginning of joining the team. You have to keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. You have to achieve it.

Lighten the load of the leader

“When the boss succeeds, the organization succeeds. Conversely, it is almost impossible for you to win if your boss fails.”

Only a team player can lead the boss. When the boss understands that you are taking extra load of works and you are decreasing the load of the boss also. If the boss finds success and faces reduced loads of work, he will listen to you more than others.

Do the great job that others do not approach

“Few things gain the appreciation of a top leader more quickly than an employee with a whatever-it-takes attitude.”

If you are a 360-degree leader, you must do whatever works come your way without any question. When your boss notices your dedication, you will get an obvious favour for your deeds.

Do more than accomplish – lead!

“Managers work with processes – leaders work with people.”

If you are a leader, you have to think of the men of your team so that they remain happy in their job. They need your support. When you support their distress of the team members, they will also support you to perform better. When your team performs, your boss is happy and will go in favour of you. When your management skill is efficient, your upper level will feel a satisfactory relief. You will be favoured and they will listen to what your demand is.

Invest in relationship chemistry

“People won’t go along with you if they can’t get along with you.”

Whether you are a leader or team member, your job is to connect people more and more. You must connect with them closely to whom you want to lead. When a moderate relation is persistent, you will be favoured by your boss. If the face is almost unknown, and the person is not well related to the boss, they might be deprived of some reasons.

Make yourself better than you are today

“The key to personal development is being more growth-oriented than goal oriented.”

Reaching goal is expected but the higher growth is preferable as the growth leads to the goal. Focus on your everyday performance and make it better. Take a target to go better tomorrow than you are today.

If you follow all these rules in your teamwork, you will be one of the favourite persons to your boss. In the near future, when the time to promotion will appear, your name will be recommended first. So, only the performance and support to the team can make you distinguished, and you can lead your leader.

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