Not all real life dolls on earth are cute and lovely. Some of them have shady history latched behind them. Dolls are seen as objects of horror with latest trend in Hollywood movies like Annabelle and The Conjuring. They were also a part of voodoo and black magic carried out by its practitioners.

Shopping websites are flooded with haunted dolls with creepy history described by their owners. Most of the times these stories are fake but maybe some are possibly true as claimed. Collectors love those kind of objects even at the risk of being haunted.

Human like form of dolls may showcase cuteness but sometimes it also caters the feeling of creepiness.

Here is the list of 6 real life haunted dolls on earth


annabelle the doll

Annabelle is mentioned in the book The Demonologist by famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warrens. The story of real Annabelle doll falls back in 1970.

A girl named Donna got an antique doll as a gift from her mother. Donna was sharing apartment with her friend Angie where she took the doll with her. Eventually they encountered the creepy nature of the doll. It moved around the house in unnoticeable movements. One night Donna saw that doll had blood drops on its hands and its chest.

When examined by psychic, Donna and Angie came to know that the doll was possessed by the spirit of girl named Annabelle Higgins. This girl died at the age of seven under the apartment in which they lived.

Lou, friends of Donna and Angie also experienced the horror of Annabelle doll. According to him, he was being strangled by this doll on some occasions.

Annabelle the doll, is presently locked in the case at The Warrens Occult Museum, Monroe, Connecticut.



Author Robert Eugene Otto was given the doll by a Bahamian servant who practiced black magic and voodoo. Otto named the doll after him and called it Robert. He believed Robert to be his friend and companion. Often, he used to take the doll to shopping trips, play with him and also talked to it.

Few days later, Otto asked his parents to call him by his middle name Gene instead of Robert as it was the doll’s name. Gene’s toys would be found mutilated and even the giggling could be heard. On asking by parents, Gene always said “Robert, did it!”

When Robert moved into this again after he grew an adult, his companionship with Robert continued once again. Despite of his wife’s displeasure, Gene became attached to the doll. He would take doll with him everywhere. Their marriage grew sour and Mrs. Otto went insane and died one day of unknown reasons.

Robert the doll is now placed in the glass box at East Martello Museum in Key West. Even today Robert the doll is horribly menacing.


joliet the doll

Joliet was given as a pregnancy present to Anna’s great grandmother from a jealous friend four generations ago. The only thing they didn’t knew at that time was that the doll had come with curse.

The tragic events had followed in every generations of this family thereafter. Anna’s great grandmother gave birth to a girl and a boy. According to the curse, the girl lives but the boy dies three days after his birth.

Same thing happened with Anna’s grandmother, mother and with Anna too. The doll wails in the voice of infant boy. Strange thing is with every generation the cry changes. Yet the family couldn’t depart from the doll. It is passed to future generations like a family heirloom. They believe that the soul of dead infants from previous four generations are captured inside the doll. They are worried about what will happen to their souls and what turn it will take if they give up on the doll.

The most worrisome thing about Joliet is that the wailing can be heard only by the members of this family.

Someday in future, Anna will have to pass on Joliet to her daughter. And maybe her son would presumably die in three days just like her own.


emilia the haunted doll

Emilia was a gift from one of the royal guards to King Humbert 1 of Italy. King Humbert 1 gave it as present to daughter of one his most trusted friend and Captain Ulvado. Marie was so fond of her that she even named the doll after her daughter Emilia.

This doll survived both world wars, losing only limbs and bit of her head. It is said that a women died rescuing this doll for Marie. And the spirit of this woman is possessed inside Emilia.

Emilia opens or closes her eyes, sometimes making sound of crying at the night. The strange thing is voice box of Emilia is damaged.


mandy the haunted doll

A woman donated Quesnel and District Museum of British Columbia Mandy the doll that belonged to her grandmother. As the doll was more than 90 years old, curator was pretty excited with this new addition and so was the donor to give up what could have been a treasured possession. The doll already looked creepy in glass eyes and broken forehead.

Curator as well as maintenance staff of the doll had felt an unexplained uneasiness and anxiety when the doll was around them. They also heard Mandy moving inside the bag in which it was placed. Moreover, people also overheard child’s cry from the room where doll was placed.

On investigating about the origins of Mandy, curator came to know that it was found inside a cellar by a stranger in the hands of dead girl. You may believe it or not, people says the doll inhabits the spirit of that girl. The place where doll was kept inside the museum overnight looked similar to the tantrums thrown by a child when visited by staff next morning.

At some point Mandy’s previous owner told curator that she felt good getting departed from the doll. She heard child’s cry coming from the room in her house where Mandy stayed. She didn’t want the doll to hurt her daughter. The day she donated Mandy to the museum inexplicable crying in her house stopped.

When a psychic was called to examine the doll, she said the spirit that resides inside the doll had suffered so much abuse in her life.



Pupa means doll in Latin. It was made for her owner in 1920s in Italy. The owner was fond of her doll so much that she kept it with her until her death in 2005. Approximately 14 inches tall and made of felt, Pupa has real human hairs. The girl that owned her believed that she was alive. The girl often talked to her and shared her secrets with the doll.

After the death of her owner in 2005, Pupa began to show activities by herself. According to owner’s family, the doll does not like to be confined in glass case. They also noticed taps on Pupa’s glass case . Sometimes they even witnessed change in the position of the doll. A cleaner of the glass case once found the words “Pupa hate” in childish handwriting when she exhaled on glass to spot dirt marks.

One member tried to post Pupa’s moving video on YouTube. Strangely the video got obscured every time it uploaded. The words “Pupa No” scribbled on it.

People believe maybe Pupa has soul of her first owner inside her.

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