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Thousands of workers head to new jobs every month – with both excitement and nervousness – to showcase their potential and prove their mettle. Though the standard duration for probation is 3 months from the date of joining, according to the best lifehack blog, an employee needs to be on their game right from day 1.

No matter whether you are a fresher or have some work experience under your belt, here are the things to do after getting a new job to build a favourable impression.

1. Wear formal dress

Formal attire symbolizes professionalism. Apart from presenting a visual image, it also sends a message to the company clients that its employees are professional. Some companies also allow its employees to dress casually. Refer to the dress code of your company to know about it.

2. Introduce yourself to your co-workers

Human beings are social animals for a reason. You need to know whom you are working with. In case your job role necessitates it to communicate with your colleagues on a regular basis, it is not only important to know their names but also how their job role is related to yours, and how you or they may assist each other. Saying hello, and introducing yourself to them is a great way to set the ball rolling.

3. Gain an insight into the expectations of your boss and colleagues

Make the most of the first meeting with your boss and try to figure out their definition of success in a day, a week, a month and a year. That is to say, build an understanding of your job responsibilities and your targets. In case you are unsure about something or have a doubt in mind, discuss it with your boss. Also, try to find out whether or not you are required to work with collaboration of another employee or employees.

4. Learn the ropes

Focus on working by adhering to the rules and regulations of the company. Do not hesitate to ask questions, if required, to clear your queries. If possible, go slow but ensure that you learn the ins and outs of your job requirements – do not miss out anything. This will not only boost your confidence but will also prevent you from making mistakes at the subsequent stages.

5. Perform consistently

As is the case with most companies, chances are yours would also keep on your toes. Therefore, it is important to not be complacent even after an achievement. No matter how successful you were on the previous day, your current performance counts. Whenever you are assigned a task by your reporting heads or managers, make a point of giving it your best shot all the time. Try to contribute as much as you can.

6. Maintain discipline and attendance

The secret to winning a company’s trust is to stick to its rules and regulations and be present on all working days. No company entertains tardiness or absenteeism – it proves detrimental to the productivity of a company. Unfortunately, a number of newly joined employees fail to implement it and as a result, lose their jobs. Maintaining discipline and attending office regularly is a sure-fire way of ensuring that your employer does not show you the door early on.

Final Thoughts

The best lifehack blog highly recommends that new joiners, who wish to work in a company for longer duration and achieve growth to advance their career, should pay attention to the six practices as stated above. By following these tips to a T, you will not only be able to have a smooth work experience with your company but will also present a strong case for chances of promotion in the long run.

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