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If you have been told that you don’t have sufficient zeal, you are too quiet or you employ so much of time with yourself, you are being recognised as an introvert! All of these are the characteristics of the individuals who are on the more introverted part of the psychological structure of a human being. Maybe social structure and norms do not accept these characteristics of your psychology with an opened arm as these qualities don’t match with the fast paced world where we live in, but plenty of introverts are embracing with all the qualities they have to offer. People like Susan Cain are setting the examples of how the introverts have a lot more power than what they are given credit for and that is the reason many of the introverts ensured their name in the best lifehack blog. Let’s take a look on the social mind set and reality of the introverts.

What Society Think: Introverts are too quiet

What’s the Advantage of It: Introverts don’t always feel the necessity to talk. Rather feeling the need to talk and convey themselves vocally, they prefer listening. With the listening skills, they take time to absorb materials given to them. Moreover, introverts never intend to be under the spotlight, rather they carefully listen to the advice and inputs given to them.

What Society Think: Introverts are not sufficiently enthusiastic

What’s the Advantage of It: It’s true that people with an introverted psychology will not lead a team for a group project but they will work behind the scene with their strong observational power and sharp intelligence. Introverts don’t consume the personality to show outward enthusiasm but they are awfully passionate about their beliefs and activities plus they save their energy for accomplishing the job.

What Society Think: Introverts don’t socialise, they spend more than enough time with themselves

What’s the Advantage of It: Spending time with yourself will reveal the inner self to you which is commendable since introverts have a better access to their inner self. The alone time is scientifically proven for the betterment of both the physical and mental health and above all, it can be fun to introduce the self-love to yourself.

What Society Think: Introverts daydream so much

What’s the Advantage of It: Often the famous personalities who take place in the best lifehack blog are introvert as they have a great imagination power. Their rich inner world helps them to imagine and think amazing things which most of the time turn out to be great conceptions.

What Society Think: Introverts don’t have many friends

What’s the Advantage of It: Introverts avoid hanging out with large groups and have an attitude to enjoy the companionship of a close group. In spite of the frosty personality, introverts enjoy the people who they have accepted and often become very loyal as a friend. The love, affection and deep connections are all about quality over quantity for them.

What Society Think: Introverts take too long to come to a decision

What’s the Advantage of It: Undoubtedly, introverts take additional time to make decisions but you can be assured that when they’ll come to the conclusion, it has been well-thought and every possibility has been considered. Introverts are believed to be the great decision makers since they never get influenced by social burdens and often more likely to be lucid than imprudent.

Being an introvert may not be too fascinating for the social norms but in terms of productivity at the end of the day, they have been proven to be a great example of performers. If you think, study and take long term decisions, you are a wise person to consider. So, never go through an anxiety of being an introvert, rather feel proud to be a thoughtful discoverer.

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