“Time is Money” – Rightfully said it is! Every beat of your clock takes away a scope for your income! Perhaps every New Year, you make new plans for new ways to make money; it might sound bit cliché, but whether in the beginning of a year or in middle or at the end, it’s always a good time when the money is revolving around your mind. When it’s about padding your bank account, it can never be a wrong idea to find the fresh income stream.

Every moment of the lazy time you spend at your home can be converted into productivity if you are truly familiar with the money making ideas. Let’s see some of your best chance to bump up the savings.

YouTube Adds:

You Tube

Who doesn’t watch YouTube? Every one of us possesses and some of us even have a YouTube Channel as well! But YouTube these days have shined to be one of the best resources to be getting paid in exchange for entertainment and the more you become people’s choice, the more you will be paid by Google! You must have seen the ads before playing a popular YouTube video. When someone watches the full video, the original video maker will be remunerated which is technically called ‘adsense youtube monetisation’.



Have you heard the phrase “unconventional yet sound”? That’s what applicable for TeeSpring. If you ask me about the best plan to make money online, my direct answer would be TeeSpring! Here, you don’t need to invest a single penny from your pocket but can fill your bank account with thousands of dollars at the end of the day! You have to do two things – sign up with TeeSpring and you need to be creative. Design the tees and the rest will be done by the website itself.

Sell Websites:

website sell

This one is unknown but massively beneficial! You can now build a website from scratch and incorporate contents such as pictures, videos and texts; and eventually, sell the website to the users who are in need of it. Initially, you need to increase the visibility and amount of traffic to the website by at least 400-600 users per day and you can make it happen hardly within 3-4 months.
Once your website is done with the designing, development and traffic generation, you can sell it by anywhere within $700-$1000.

Transfer Voice into Text:

voice to text transfer

You may have come across many money making ideas but certainly, nobody has ever informed you about this technique. Yes, you can register into a few sites where you will be provided with an audio or video file and you have to listen to the file carefully and write down the content in text format! Hence you can earn up to $0.5-$2 for per 6min clipping. Imagine how the figure can turn out to be! $10 for 2hours and that turns out to be $300 per month! Amazing, isn’t it?

Money Making from Android:

Money from Android

This category made on my list as one of the most favourites because it is quite easy to earn and simple to use. If you have an Android phone, there are options and applications which enable you to recharge your mobile by simply following some procedures and mainly by referral! There are direct cash payments also available on the internet through certain apps.

Money can’t buy you happiness but it can certainly secure your future! If you want to utilise every moment of your life turning each second into an opportunity of earning, then the above aspects are offbeat and the best according to me. You can apply these techniques earn some extra bucks and sometimes it becomes the main source of income for a few people! Get back to us to explore other ways.

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