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Life will sometimes throw obstacles at you have to face the odds and accept the challenges. It is quite normal to fall in love and go head over heels for your partner. When you love someone with almost everything you have, you tend to become vulnerable. Being in love is one of the greatest thing and at the same time one of the heart wrenching episodes in your life. Best lifehack blog reveals that if you are in love, everything else in the world changes- your perception, standpoint and your ability to love. Many lovers say that they do not fall in love but rise in love- as they can transform themselves into a better person, though the elevation of the self-evades once you are heartbroken. When people get a big blow from their partner, they shatter themselves and never come out of the shell. It’s okay to be betrayed in love. That’s where the challenge lies! You have to move on in life no matter what happens in life.

So let’s us go through the steps you can take after heartbreak:

Burst Out All Your Emotions & Let it Go!


All you need to do is listen to the sad tracks and release your emotions. If you are inexpressive or have a problem in letting your emotions out then talk to your best therapy. Perhaps that is the only possible therapy you can have access to! Cry out and identify the worst kind of emotion you are burying inside you, pluck it and flush it out from your life. People generally go through a denial phase and tend to overthink. Overthinking can lead people into the river of melancholy i.e. depression. Respect your feeling, discard all the judgements and accept life as it comes!

Explore & Rediscover Yourself!


If you feel lost in the middle of the road, then figure out the reason of your helplessness and begin working on it. When you love someone immensely then the existence and identity of the person becomes a part and parcel of your own. You have to go back to your past memories and observe the situation, so that you can collect the lost and broken pieces. You can always reflect on the good productive habits that you once used to cultivate. One of the most inspiring works you can do is interrogating yourself and find the real YOU! It is not that difficult to find the trivial things which you love the most. All you have to do is self-introspection!

It’s Time For A Rocking Trip!

rocking road trip

Feel free and research on a road trip with you gang. So, just pack your bags and start off with the journey! Perhaps you were planning the most thrilling trip with your partner but after your break-up do not end up into another relationship for a replacement. Because there is no substitution in relationships, everybody has a unique position in our life and the expression of love for everyone is the not the same. So let go of your emotions and set in for a journey. Be it with your friends or a solo trip where you can explore and have fun.

Out of Sight. Out of Mind!

out of sight out of mind

You will keep stalking their profile and checking photographs unless you are removing the person from your sight. So, in order to come out of all the social gathering and contacts, you need to remove from your social accounts where you cannot always track the. No matter how curious you get and how tempting it can become, resist your feeling and discard from your life. If you are not mentally prepared to block or unfriend them, you can hide them or restrict them from your profile.

Re-read your favourite book

girl reading a book

Remember the time when you always found a way to jump back and re-read your favourite book. Dive into a good book, as it would help recover from the wound you have had just received. Literature has never failed to impress people and it always finds a route to lift up a person’s mood. But do not find an escape route! If you go through any of the best lifehack blog, you can check out and follow the suggestions. Take decision and walk out of the toxic relationship which made you shattered into fragments!

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