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The road to success is not a pithy tip. There is only one secret of success – the combination of a tenacious spirit, good habits and of course, a bit of luck. While you cannot exercise control over your destiny, you can surely make some changes to your attitude and behaviour for better results.

Stop Procrastinating

The first and the foremost step to set out towards success is to start an activity. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are or how successful you have been in your life, you will not get the desired results until you channel them into action.
At times, you may feel like doing a piece of work after sometime – may be because you feel it is tedious or boring. Although it may be a good strategy to give yourself a break, and make a fresh start as and when you get your energy back but it is important to bear in mind that you cannot get them done just by avoiding them. One way of doing your piece of work easily is to divide it in smaller chunks, so that you do not have to do it all at once.

Beat Negativity

Road to success is not a bed of roses; it is an unending road with bumps and rollercoaster rides. The bumps or rollercoaster rides are comparable to various challenges, setbacks, and difficulties. No matter which path you are in – right or wrong – you have to face them upfront sooner or later. The best way to beat most challenges in life is to beat negativity. In line with the saying, “Every cloud has a silver lining”, every difficult situation is a new opportunity to try and learn something new. Rather than feeling low or dejected, you will get better results if you evaluate your weaknesses, and work to eliminate them in a systematic manner.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Human beings vary from one another. Consequently, they tend to work differently to achieve their goals. In a competitive environment, people tend to compare their performance by comparing with the performance of other individuals to find out how they are coping. While it is always good to have a healthy competition, you are more likely to lose sight of your objectives if you focus too often on how others are performing. Instead of drawing a comparison with others, try setting up your own goals and make a point of achieving them. It is important to remember that comparison leads to jealousy, bitterness and inferiority – the three unhealthy attitudes which should be avoided at all costs.

Learn to Embrace Failure

Failures are the part and parcel of human life. You cannot avoid them; however, you can embrace them and move on. Sensible people always believe in the saying, “Failures are the pillars of success”. Unless you fail in your endeavour, you would never be able to realise your mistakes and rectify them.

Focus on Survival

Do not set unrealistic goals that you will not be able to achieve. Focus on your strengths and keep working on your weaknesses to keep improving your degree of perfection. This will help you survive in the long run.

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