Smartphone is necessity in our life now rather than an accessory. You can do almost anything with it. So it becomes inevitable to make our smartphone secure. In recent days, travel bookings, banking transactions, online shopping and many other things has made your private information more prone to unprecedented hacking attacks.

Malevolent hackers can do almost all sorts of destruction to you and your personal life if they sneak in to your smartphone. With few codes, it takes only half an hour for an attacker to pull out your conversations, read the messages, empty your bank account and misuse your personal data.

There is no such thing as a complete antivirus or invincible security to protect your phone. But there are some useful tips that could cause these malevolent hackers to leave your device and search for less-protected ones.

Below are the five simple tips to keep your smartphone secure and safe.

Tip 1: Be cautious while using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi does not have passwords which is a mandate for minimal protection. So it becomes easy for hackers to sneak in to your phones and steal the data. Sometimes they would trick you to connect to spoof Wi-Fi accounts. Imagine how much dangerous that would be for you. If a hacker can get in to your smartphone, it will take few tricks for him to identify the vulnerabilities of applications.

Better to rely on subscribed phone’s network than to enjoy the benefits of free Wi-Fi. Also, don’t let your phone connect automatically to free Wi-Fi as you will not be aware when did the data theft occurred in your phone.

Tip 2: Update your phone and applications regularly

We normally ignore to install the latest updates of applications and operating systems in our smartphone. This silly mistake makes our phone easily prone to new attacks that hackers had devised recently. Software companies releases updates regularly to fix the loopholes that could make your phone less vulnerable.

Every hacker is not an expert one. So updating your phone regularly will keep it safe from incompetant hackers who could use it to steal your personal information.

Today’s era is a battle between malicious hackers and software companies. You have to decide on whose side you are on.

Tip 3: Stop sharing personal information on social networks

In order to get popular in short time many people share their personal information in social media instantly. This could prove to be very dangerous. Hackers use those personal information to identify the probable passwords of your mail and social media accounts. Sometimes this could damage your personal life to the extent you can’t even imagine.

Sharing is caring but you should be very careful for what you are sharing.

Tip: 4: Update your passwords at random intervals

At certain time intervals make habit to update your passwords. People create folders in their smartphone where they store passwords of all accounts they use and lock it. It will take few seconds for hackers to unlock the folder. This is not a safe practice. Instead store your passwords in world’s safest vault, your brain. No one can hack from there until you want.

If you forget password there is always a facility to recover lost passwords. Create the passwords that are relatively similar but totally different in contexts. Never use common information like your first name, last name, date of birth, year of birth or other personal things as passwords as they are an easy guess. Use special characters, number and caps in your passwords to make tough for hackers to crack it.

Tip 5: Use options other than your phone

If there is no personal information stored in your phone you are much safer than others. For banking transactions see if you can wait until you do it on your computer or laptop. Calculate the risk of data theft against your emergency.

Watch TV shows and movies on television instead of on mobile networks. Avoid carrying out confidential and private conversations on message sharing services as you have an option to give a call easily. Switch on your mobile network only when necessary. Don’t put it on just because it is free. Who knows you may have to pay bigger price?

There are few other small tips that you could use to make your phone safe

  • Clear your browsing history regularly
  • Transfer personal images and videos on hard drive
  • Keep your phone with you instead of carelessly putting it anywhere else

Please put your comments below if you have more tips on this topic. Also you can provide your suggestions and feedback in comment section as they are very valuable to help me improve this blog.


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