5 events of mysterious time travel

It is fascinating to hear and see time travel in movies. Lot more conspiracies are revolving around time travel than we could imagine. It is quite a good possibility that experiments regarding it would have been happening in governments or maybe it is just a myth. No one knows. However, the topic of time travel is always eye catching.

Greatest scientists of the world have always been seen quoted that time travel is possible. No official evidence of it has been heard till now. But there are few strange events that could make you think hard on whether the things said by those scientists had already become true. Maybe governments are expert in covering up. Maybe we are so busy in our daily things that we often neglect quirky facts going on around us.

Let us look at 5 events of mysterious time travel.

1) Swiss Watch In 400 Year Old Si Qing Tomb

5 time travel events

In 2008, at Shangsi County, archaeologists opened a giant coffin of Ming Dynasty’s ruler Si Qing. This coffin was believed to be not opened since many years. When they removed the soil they were amazed and perplexed to find a ring-like object. This object was very similar to current day Swiss watch.

The strange thing about this was that the time on this watch shows 10:06 and ‘Swiss’ was engraved on it.

What does this time indicates? Who brought Swiss watch in Ming Dynasty 300 years before its invention? Was it a time traveler from future or Ming dynasty discovered a way to travel through time?

2) Rudolf Fenz Senior – A Man In 1950s From 1870s

5 time travel mysteries

In the middle of busy Time Square of 1950, people noticed a person garbed in 1870s clothes, strayed in the traffic. The person looked baffled and confused as he was wandering here and there.

Unfortunately that person was hit by a car. Later on when investigated by the police, they identified him as Rudolf Fenz Senior.

Rudolf Fenz possessed below things:

• A metal coin of unknown country
• A receipt of horse and carriage
• Vintage business cards
• Some cash of 1870s
• A letter dated 1876

This could have been fake. It is surely possible anyone could dress in 1870s clothes and can get hold of above mentioned things. Also, there is no mystery when someone wander in the middle of the street. But the strange thing here was that the documents and clothing obtained from this person did not show any kind of discoloration due to time. They were neat.

Moreover, police could not find any record of Rudolf Fenz Senior in their existing archives. But when they searched through older archives they discovered that a man named Rudolf Fenz Senior disappeared in the year 1876.

How did Rudholf Fenz Senior appeared in 1950 from 1876? Has he traveled through time? Or was it another strange mystery that is yet to be discovered? No one can tell except Rudolf Fenz Senior himself.

3) Simpsons And Gisbys In A Old Hotel

simpsons and gisbys

In October 1979, two married couples by the names of Simpsons and Gisbys decided to holiday in Spain. To take a break in their long running journey they decided to stay in a very old fashioned hotel near France.

To their surprise, they did not see the same hotel at same place during their return journey.

They were spooked when they discovered that the photographs they clicked during their stay in that hotel were missing from the negative strips. They couldn’t find anything in the pictures they developed later on.

Where did the hotel go? Was it there in real or it was a time warp experienced by those two couples coincidentally? Mystery still prevails.

4) Air Marshal Flies In The Future

5 mysteries of time travel victor goddard

When Air Marshal Victor Goddard was a Wing Commander in 1935, he was ordered to inspect airfield near Edinburgh, Scotland from his home base in Andover, England. During his weekend Goddard decided to visit Drem Airbase near to his destination. He could see that Drem Airbase was a shambles. Hangers were damaged. Tarmacs were in a non-working state. Barbed wire field was divided into various pastures and cattle was grazing all over the place. This place was nothing but a ruin. The weather was rainy and clouds were dark and foggy.

Suddenly, the sky turned bright. White clear clouds took place of the dark and foggy ones. There was a normal day sunlight. The farm below him turned into a working airbase. Hangars and tarmacs were rebuilt in a brand-new condition. He could see four planes lined up in the end of the tarmac. Three planes on the ground were Avro 504N but the fourth was indiscernible. It was monoplane, but RAF did have monoplanes in 1935. The warplanes were painted yellow and the mechanics were garbed blue. RAF mechanics wore brown in 1935 and the planes were painted aluminium grey.

Strange thing was that none of the mechanics working down below heard him. In 1939, when Goddard visited Dream airbase again he found that the new color of planes is yellow. Color of clothes of the mechanics working at airbase was blue. And the monoplane that he had seen that day was Magister.

How was it possible for a man to see what was about to happen four years later? Had Air Marshal Victor Goddard slipped through time? It is still a mystery.

5) Hamburg Future Air Raid

J Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt

In 1932, two reporters J Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt were assigned to do a feature story on Hamburg Shipyard in Germany. As per their planned tasks, they drove to the shipyard, took interviews of executives and workers working there.

When they were about to leave they heard drone of air craft engines. The sky above them was full of warplanes. On the ground the antiaircraft batteries opened fire on bombs. Few moments later fuel tanks filled the whole area. The whole place was raging in inferno as if it was a highly sensitive battle zone.

Hutton and Brandt rushed to their car immediately. At the gate, a security guard told Hutton to leave the area as immediately as possible.

Both reporters, in awe, started to drove into the city. When they looked back the sky behind them was clear and serene. The city was normal and no one was concerned about what just happened. To their surprise the collapsed shipyard was intact now. The functioning was normal and the sky that was dark due to war like situation was mysteriously clear.

When Brandt and Hutton tried to figure out what happened from the photographs they took from the war zone, nothing was unusual. The shipyard in the picture was normal as before.

Just before World War II began, Bernard Hutton moved to London. In 1943, he saw a newspaper story about a successful raid by a Royal Air Force squadron on the Hamburg shipyard. He felt a cold shiver along his spine as he studied the photos. The scene of destruction appeared exactly as it was during his visit with Brandt in the spring of 1932.

How did Hutton and Brandt saw the future war? Have they unknowingly traveled through time? Was there a place at that shipyard that was the door to the future? If yes, then why this specific event of war? Why no other time in late future? Was it a warning Brandt and Hutton ignored? What do you think?

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