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If you are tossing and turning in bed, and perspiration makes you annoyed, it is sure summer is knocking at the door. The scorching heat of the summer makes everybody tired and you will feel restless. The people going outside for work and other purposes have to face so many hardships. Dehydration is common to all and the skin becomes tanned this time. Except taking proper protection, the heat of the summer may affect your everyday work by making you exhausted and weak.

Can you stop going out on summary days? Obviously not! Just you have to learn how to remain cool in the scorching heat of the summer. Some tips have been provided here.

Drink more water

The body lacks water when it perspires, and sometimes, we cannot see the perspiration when it is a dry-hot weather. But, your body needs to add water so that it does not go into severe dehydration. Water keeps your engine cool and healthy. Edible salts and other essential salts go out of the body and make us weak. For the lack of all these salts, your blood pressure may fall down all of a sudden.

When you feel the excessive heat of the summer, the internal cooler in your body starts cooling you by the way of perspiration. Therefore, you have to add water to your body by drinking more water.

Drink curd milk

In the summer, most people suffer from indigestions and other issues a lot. Therefore, through the entire season, it is better to take simple food and taking more and more curd milk to keep your belly fit and your body cool. Curd milk has natural ingredients to improve digestion. It helps fight the heat of the summer. It boosts immunity and improves cardiovascular health a lot. Therefore, it is so much important to take curd milk a lot.

In addition, you should take more fruit juice to manage to revitalise your body and filling up the deficit of water.

Avoid spicy and oily food

In the summer, you cannot enjoy food much. If you want to enjoy spicy and oily food, your stomach may not support. Indigestion and acidity are common to this season. Therefore, to keep your body fit, you always have to take simple food avoiding spicy ones.

Use sunscreen

The sun is too hot in the summer. The scorching heat and UV rays of the sun affect the soft skin of the body much. The UV rays come to the earth in the form of UVA and UVB. UVB is highly responsible for skin cancer and therefore it is better to use sunscreen with an SPF 45 and above so that it can block maximum UVB rays. On the other hand, the tanning of the skin in the summer will be reduced.

After you have had a day out in the sun, you can use astringent based toners that help to clean and tone up the facial screen and revive the skin much in the summer.

Avoid sodas and junk food

Soda waters should be replaced with coconut water and junk food with fresh fruits and nuts. Soda water may be charming on a hot day but it is not at all helpful to fight the heat of the summer. Junk food is not suitable for your body on a hot day. Rather try to take more and more fresh fruits instead. This will keep your body and belly fit in the summer.

Apart from all these, you have to wear loose clothes made of cotton. You should splash cool water on you several times in a day to keep your body cool. Use the clothes, the colour of which is light or white.  All these can help you fight the heat of the summer most.

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