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A peaceful relationship is always expected by all. A painful relation should always be avoided from life. Having a painful relationship is much harmful to mental and physical health. It is better to close the relationship except having a relationship with no intimacy. It is easy to make a relationship, but making it complicated is easier. Here some simple relationship maintenance tips have been mentioned that makes your relationship everlasting.

1. All successful relationships need some work

A relationship doesn’t just happen. You have to perform some tasks to maintain a peaceful relationship. It is just a bond of two hearts and a combination of activities by both parties. Some say, when the relationship is the prime importance, you need not think much. Follow the track as it goes on. But, you have to keep in mind that too much boldness makes a relation stumbled, fallen down and collapsed.
Open communication and honesty in a relationship are so much essential. You have to avoid some odd and adamant behaviour from your character if the other one does not appreciate it.

2. You get what you put in

If you want love, give love, if you want respect, respect the other. To get friendship, be friendly. You should be considerate when expect to feel considerate. If you show negligence, you will get neglected in a certain period of time. However, each person in a relationship should be more considerate and compromising. You have to forget and forgive your partner for the sake of a relationship. You should keep in mind that every person does not remain in the same mental and physical status.

3. Don’t prove yourself

If you want to be loved by someone or to enter in his or her life, you do not try so hard to get a space in the heart of the other person. If they know the worth of you in their lives, they will be inspired to build the relationship. The relationship built with the inspiration of the both remains for life.
However, you have to try a little for the first time so that the other knows that you want to make a relationship. But, you should not try so much demolishing your self-respect.

4. There is a purpose for everyone-meet it

All people are not alike. A relationship is not for looking amazingly to each other and making a physical entertainment. There are some certain reasons for which they need you. Try to meet the reason. You should enter into the lives of others when you agree to fill up the lacking of their heart- accept it!

5. We all change- accept it

Our need and pleasure changes with time. When someone says, you are changed, it is not wrong. But, you have to keep in mind the expectations of the other one in the relationship. With the change of modern life, everybody changes- accept it. But be loyal to your relationship always.

Therefore, you have to keep in mind always the responsibility of life and your loved ones. If the bondage of life is lost, everything is lost. Except following some practical rules of life- an intimate love life, your life is not full. Practice the given tips to maintain a sound relationship.
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