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Whatever happens to us physically or mentally, we see our only light of hope in form of those individuals with white aprons and a stethoscope around the neck! The latest medical inventions can give us the sigh of relief and today almost any disease can be remedied with the medicines and latest medical practices. But medical inventions are started to build from an ancient time where there were neither medicines nor the modern day surgeries performed.

Holistic therapies, ritualistic shamanism, and Chinese medicine are usually considered as pseudoscience but in reality, these are the ancient medical practices performed for thousands of years! You might have read about many technological glimpse on modern therapeutic implementation in the best lifestyle channel or in the best productivity blog but today, I’m going to essay some ancient medical practices that have come under the spotlight with an arousing interest of scientists from all around the world. I have chalked out top 5 scientific research till the date that is evolutionary in medical science!



The ancient technique of sticking needles into the strategic points of the skins seems extremely painful but one of the most effective techniques to release the pain, improve mobility, and making the quality of life better. The first documented implementation of Acupuncture was way back in 100 B.C. and is still used massively in China to treat the root cause of condition as opposed to the symptomatic approach of the Western Medicine. But the growing recognition in the Western culture shows the relevance of Acupuncture including British National Health Service stated that Acupuncture helps our body to produce pain-relieving endorphins.


Meditation is not at all famous in the best productivity blog. Meditation these days are now considered to be a vast part of Neuroscience! The National Center for Biotechnology Information currently possesses over 4000 published papers on the search phrase “Meditation Efficacy”. Despite the fact that it is being practiced for centuries in the eastern regions of the world, it has got the acceptance in scientific therapies in recent time. Some studies have shown that positive benefits like patience, self-confidence, peace, release of worry, glee are produced by meditation. These are the benefits that bring more bodily energy and liveliness for life. But we are missing the science part. The professors of Physiology, anaesthesiology, and Pharmacology have completed a study and its aim was to discover the outcome of “Osho Dynamic Meditation” on the stress hormone levels and if it consumes any anti-stress outcome and the researchers came out with a positive result.

Sound/Music Therapy:

music therapy

At Skidmore College in 2013, Music Director Anthony Holland joined hands with the science partner of his focusing on the conception of tuning forks which trigger each other to ring in unison. They discussed if finding the right frequency level can smash a crystal glass, it would be worthy to find the right frequency level that can shatter an organism like a Cancer Cell as well!



Reiki is the Japanese technique lessening stress and prompting healing. It is the “laying on of hands” and is based on the conception of an invisible life force energy flows through centres called Chakras. At times, the energy gets blocked and the Chakras become imbalanced, at that point, Reiki is revolutionary to rectify this.
Famous cardiovascular surgeon Dr Mehmet Oz brought the procedure of energy therapy into the spotlight when he welcomed Reiki Master Julie Motz to treat patients while doing heart transplantation and open heart surgeries. People have seen an unbelievable positive reduction on the blood pressure after applying the Reiki.

Mantra Chanting:

Mantra Chanting
70999559 – conceptual image about human voice

Mantra is a Sanskrit word for “sound tool” and “Om” (Aum) is possibly the most acknowledged mantra of them all. You can hardly find about Mantra in any of the best lifestyle channel but akin to listening to music where the vibrational frequencies vibrate with our brain evoking emotions, it is believed by various cultures and individuals worldwide that the vibrations and frequency generated in the body enchants the movements of both physical and mental energy. In 2011, a study done by the NIMHN (National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences), Bangalore, looked into the neurohemodynamic consequences of “Om” invocating using MRI. A significant deactivation of the limbic system in the brain was observed when the participants were chanting “OM”!

Human body and psychology is a huge ocean to swim around and you can never discover the depth of it. Though individuals try to figure it out with their conception, know-how and skills, but the full depth is not going to reveal any sooner. While we take help from the doctors and modern medical science for any sort of sickness, the traditional and ancient but effective medical therapies are missed out and ignored. Scientists and researchers have understood the importance of it and are trying to implement it to the therapeutic treatment. With the natural and effective remedies, we can expect a brighter and healthier future.

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