Mystery has always stirred the flow of adrenaline in human bodies! From the ancient Egyptian days to the Roman history, Greek chronicles and today’s world, mysteries and men find each other. The paramount attraction for the mystery never stopped people from taking such risks which even can take their life but nobody could resist their curiosity for inventing something undiscovered before.

Mystery always chanced its arm to welcome peoples’ curiosity and the inventors always failed to ignore the summons. Human psychology has an affection for the anonymities, a little dread and above all, an excitement of discovering a whole new thing that nobody knew till the time. Let’s go through some of the most mysterious cases in human history.

The Lost City of Atlantis:

Lost city of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis is one of the most mysterious things people are talking about, and the oldest one indeed! Atlantis believed to be submerged after an earthquake, is the centre of attraction from an ancient time for the explorers. Atlantis is considered as the large land of the most developed civilisation in world history by Greek philosopher Plato near to the Rock of Gibraltar with a presence of a glorious palace.

Till the date, no human has been able to find the most civilised city, be it, underwater or otherwise. Though this fact has not discouraged explorers and historians from expediting in the underwater to find the island. But whether in South America, near Antarctica or off the Greek Islands, Atlantis has remained one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

The Bog Bodies:

the bog bodies

Bog people or Bog bodies are the human corpses preserved naturally in sphagnum bogs in Northern Europe. The bog supported with the impeccable conditions to preserve the bodies rather than let the body decompose. It leaves the internal organs and the skin intact! Thousands of bodies can be discovered way back from the Iron Age and most of them are believed to be murdered as the sign signifies! Historians said that the bodies are the sacrificial preys of the pagan rituals or the punishment for a criminal offense.

Jack the Ripper:


Another mystery that can never be forgotten by human civilisation is Jack the Ripper! Considered to be one of the most notorious criminals of the human history, Jack was a serial killer who ruthlessly murdered minimally 5 prostitutes at Whitechapel between August and November 1888. We can understand till this moment but the identity of the perpetrator, the number of victims, the way of killing and the mystifying letters written to the police is a vague glass altogether.



Imagine numerous bluestones each weigh almost 6 tons, built in 2500-3000 BC according to the archaeologists are stacked on top of each other and still standing with its old lorry. Research says that it was erected by Neolithic people currently located in Wiltshire, England.
This jaw-dropping piece of creation is still a matter of debate among the historians as some of them describe it as the result of glacial movement and some claim it to be manmade, whereas some believe it as the result of an alien invasion! The most common and accepted theory, on the other hand, is it is a burial ground.

People are still fascinated towards the above mysteries. The unparalleled magnetism of mystery always grabbed humans to its arm and hardly anyone can keep his mind off from it. Many died and many will die too but the affection will always encourage people to discover more…

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