I am not Sigmund Freud and I am not going to interpret Dreams! Rather I can tell you why the vision comes to your brain while you are sleeping, be it, a pleasant or a horrifying one. Dreaming is such thing we all have, similar to binge-watching Netflix, but nobody knows the reason. You will not dream every time you sleep but when the vision tangles your brain cells, it leaves incomplete scenarios that make no logic! We often wake up with a vague recollection of a dream but never are able to piece together the broken memories.

Psychologists agreed with the fact that dreams have no direct connections with the physical functionality of our body. Some researchers not only have studied the reasons of dreaming but have revealed the meaning as well. The dip into the outcomes of dreams on our bodies and brains and the massive amount of researches and depth of dreaming has fetched ‘Dream’ under the limelight of the best lifehack blog. I’m trying to jot down the reasons why you, me – WE DREAM.

Fusing Memories

Dreaming is the storing process of the recent occurrences happened in our life and multiple researches have proven it. When we dream, it’s actually the process in our brain of moving the incidents to the long-term memory storage. Neuroscientists have found that during the day, memories are stored by our brain function in the hippocampus and during the time we sleep, memories are transferred from hippocampus to cerebral cortex. Sleep permits to widen the memories to different parts of our brain so as to they can be recorded and sometimes reconditioned.

Threat Stimulation

Believe it or not, the terrifying nightmares which shiver you while sleeping actually make you stronger! The terrifying visions don’t just appear to frighten you but it actually prepares you to deal with the worst circumstances in your reality! While you have already faced the terrors in your dream, it makes you tough enough to deal in the real life as well. A research has been done on the children of threatening and non-threatening households and they came up with an astounding fact that in a more physically threatening environment children have a greater tendency to have the nightmares that train them to face the real challenge.

Psychoanalytic Theory

We can’t pursue with dreams in any of the best lifehack blog without mentioning the emperor of the interpretation of dreams – Sigmund Freud! Despite the disapproval of many theories of Sigmund Freud, some still are the topics of discussion. Sigmund Freud specialised in the meaning of dreams where he derived the unconscious thoughts and desires turning into the dreams at the later stage. He explained that our aggressive sexual instincts and desires are suppressed during day time by the conscious mind and revealed by the unconscious mind when we sleep in form of dreams. Freud even told that our dreams express unacceptable feelings like sexual affection to our own parents!

Psychiatric Disorder

Chronic sleep glitches distress between 50 to 80 percent of patients who have diagnosable psychiatric disorders, while only around 10% of the overall US populace suffers from a sleep disorder. Scholars and Scientists at Harvard University piloted a study in 2009 that found a link between dreaming and usual psychiatric disorders, like bipolar disorder. They found that for both adults and children, sleep hitches may increase the risk of evolving a psychiatric disorder.

There are many reasons why we see what we see at the time of sleeping. Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes we get terrified of the visions that come to our psychological system. Now, when you’ll wake up from sleep, trying to recollect the visions from last night, certainly you’ll be aware of the reasons behind it.

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