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MOTIVATION – a ten-lettered word, indubitably is the centre of the life’s existence and the best motivation blog and the motivation you get from it, is the proof of its relevance! Success doesn’t come by fluke and with a dream of doing something great, we have to consume kicks and punches from the harsh reality yet have the strength to rise up time and again and give it a try once again. Human psychology says, we believe us somewhere in our mind as the main victims of a tragedy and find us the only ones who are suffering from the insuperable hardships, impossible to overcome.

If we look at some of the greatest personages in the world, we’ll see them rising from the road to the top of glory and achievement with only one approach to see life. They believe in themselves, stand against the stream of difficulties and knock down any hurdle that comes in the way to their success. They don’t see a glass half-emptied, rather find it half-filled and ponder on the ways to make it full. I am jotting down 4 of the best stories of the epic evolution of business giants and entrepreneurs of the world which will leave your jaw dropped and motivate you to the chock-full.

Ferrucio Lamborghini – Lamborghini:

ferrucio lamborghini

Now people dream to have a Lamborghini – one of the costliest cars in the world (Lamborghini Veneno Roadster: $5.6 Million), parked outside their home. The sports car production company has become synonymous with luxury and gorgeousness but the beginning was not smooth, rather full of thorns and Ferrucio Lamborghini bled enough to get nearer to his destination.

Ferrucio was originally a farmer who used to make tractors! He belonged from one of the richest families in Italy and was running a successful business. If it was not all, he owned a Ferrari among the other supercars but the car was troubling him severely with its clutch. He went on repairing it himself being a mechanic himself and shockingly he discovered the clutch of his Ferrari was same as his tractors! Ferrucio reached to the service guys but repeatedly his car was taken away from him where he could not even see his cars and eventually it wasn’t fixed.
Angry Ferrucio made up his mind to talk to Enzo Ferrari. ‘Ferrari, your cars are rubbish!’ he grumbled but got an incensed reply from Ferrari mentioning his ‘standard’ as a tractor driver and how he would never be able to match up the standard of Ferrari. That was the moment when he got the soak out the biggest motivation of his life from the humiliation. The journey of the perfect car began – Lamborghini.

Fred Smith – Federal Express:

Federal Express
Frederick W. Smith, president of Federal Express, in a photo from September 25, 1976. (Commercial Appeal files)

Fred Smith, an undergraduate from Yale University in 1965, wrote in his economics paper about the transportation of the goods in the United States and how it could be improved. He noticed that the shippers relied on the trucks and passenger aeroplane for the transportation of larger packages all over the country. He came up with an idea of a company that carries small and essential items through a plane. His last minute paper got a ‘C’ grade but Smith did not give up and founded the company in 1971!

Shockingly, within three years of the company, Bankruptcy is a minute tiny word to describe the situation Federal Express was going through. With the loss of $1 million every month owing to rising fuel costs, the company just had $5000 on the board. It looked impossible to run the business anymore but Fred looked stared at the impossible and did something that an ordinary human wouldn’t have even imagined in the worst nightmare! He flew away to Las Vegas and played black jack with the remaining budget, all of those! The next day was a sheer surprise for the company’s management with $32,000 in Fred’s bank account that was enough to run the company a few more days.
Afterwards, the FedEx became successful and now it’s a global giant and has become an example of ‘Never Give-up’ attitude.

Colonel Sanders – Kentucky Fried Chicken:


Colonel Sanders, a 65 years old man with a small house and a beat up car was broken down and just received the first social security cheque of $99. He decided to change the scenario and left Kentucky relying on the fact that his friends liked his chicken recipe.
He went to different states of the US and asked the restaurant owners to buy his recipe without even paying him, rather he desired for a little share of its profit. He told them how much his friends liked the chicken recipe and it would definitely be loved by everyone. But none of the owners liked his delicious offer and rejected. After 1009 rejections, he got his first break and from the moment, the food habits of the world witnessed a revolt. Colonel Hartland Sanders gave birth of Kentucky Fried Chicken, universally known as KFC!

Soichiro Honda – Honda Motor Co:

The best motivation blog will certainly narrate the success stories like Soichiro Honda. The revolution in the motor mechanism took birth in a small garage in the mind of Soichiro Honda who was a mechanic used to tune cars to arrange them for races! Honda individually founded a piston ring manufacturing company named Tōkai Seiki in 1937.
The company won the contract to supply the piston rings to another great name in motor industry – Toyota but did not maintain the contract very long due to the faulty and cheap quality of the rings. Honda took some time out and looked into the matter and resolved the issue after taking a deep look at the quality control process of Toyota. By 1941, Honda started to mass produce the piston rings for the company.

Toyota acquired 40% of the stakes of Tōkai Seiki but Honda was demoted from the President to Senior Managing Director. After the US Bomb Attack in the year of 1944, Honda sold the repairable part to Toyota and started running Honda Technical Research Institute in October 1946 with the help of the proceeds.

He started to work with 12 men in a 172 ft2 shed. They constructed and retailed upgraded motorised bicycles by creating their own copy of Tohatsu engines. After that, Honda Motor Company became the leading manufacturer of motorcycles within a short span of time by 1964. Later on, Honda chanced its arm to the truck and car segments.
Nothing is perfect, but your approach should be lying on making it perfect. We want everything coming into dishes but that does not happen in reality! The labour, sweat and hard work can write the saga of your glory. Being demotivated is easy and done by everyone but drenching the motivation out of it is the only secret. All the above individuals have seen their worst and are seeing their best, but the journey was never full of roses, thorns will be there but being motivated is the remedy.

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