4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

Plenty of theories are floating around regarding the Game of Thrones endings. From the deaths of heroic Starks to foolish Lannisters children, no one is safe in this series. Every character has its own specific shades of gray. The character you may praise as a hero will surprisingly be murdered in the next episode. Also, the character arc had been very wavy for many characters from good to evil and vice versa.

From the beginning new season, the viewers wonder about the death of their favorite characters. In season 7, we witnessed the death of Lord Baelish, the master politician among the rulers. Many believed he will make it through the end, but Game of Thrones does not spare anyone as you expect. Several outcomes are stipulated by fans of this TV show. However, I have come with few that are completely out of the box.

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4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

1) Tyrion Lannister becomes The King

Are you surprised? You should if you are a real Game of Thrones fan. We had seen Tyrion Lannister as a good Hand of the King or the Queen but there is an ample possibility that Tyrion may become the ruler of The Seven Kingdoms. Tywin Lannister on his death – when killed by Tyrion – mumbled that Tyrion is not his son. A man during his death will utter nothing but the truth. But this is Tywin Lannister! You cannot be sure. Rumours float around are that Tyrion Lannister is a bastard son from the affair between the Mad King and Joanna Lannister, Tywin’s wife. So logically, he would be the rightful heir to the throne.

Another reason for this possibility is Tyrion always sided with rulers who cared for his people. In spite of being married to Sansa, he never consummated that marriage following the respect he had for the Stark family.

Tyrion on the throne with Arya Stark as his wife could be a surprise ending. Following the deaths of heroes throughout the season, we cannot rule out the demise of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen in the Great War.

2) Bran will survive to tell the tale of The Seven Kingdoms

Presumably, after the fierce battle between the living and the dead, all main characters will succumb to heroic death.  Three eyed raven, Bran Stark will narrate the whole story of the Seven Kingdoms to Samwell Tarly. Sam being an ArchMaester will complete the book started by Archmaester Ebrose.

3) Jon Snow will rule the dead, Daenerys will rule the living

How is this ending? In order to save Daenerys from the white walker, Jon takes the spike. Jon turns out to be the white walker king and rules the dead there after. Daenerys rule the Seven Kingdoms with Tyrion as her loyal Hand.

Another possibility is Jon takes the dagger just like the man who turned out to The Night King to defeat The Night King. After that, a harmony will be established between the living and the dead as Jon and Daenerys will be on opposite side of the walls.

4) Sam Tarly – The Ruler of The Iron Thrones

Though this theory seems slightly strange, there is the possibility of it to turn out. Samwell Tarly is a person with a noble heart who supports people fighting for the greater good like John Snow. He cured Jorah Mormont of a deadly disease. Over the top of all, he killed a white walker too to save his family. So we noticed how fierce he could become at the time of necessity. In season 7, he left Archmaester to support Jon Snow in the Great War. And he is the only leading character who does not have any desire for the throne.

Maybe it will be a big surprise to not notice the heroic act of Sam during the epic war and every one including Jon Snow will kneel to him and accept him as the ruler of The Iron Throne.

Those who had fought fiercely for the throne for years succumbed to death or lost everything and the one person who had no desire of it ruled it thereafter. Isn’t this a bittersweet ending?

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