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Egypt – the word speaks a lot! Probably the greatest and the most developed civilisation of the world history gave us incredible innovations, scientific glimpses, art, culture, architecture, mythology and what not! But the ancient Egypt also left behind some of the greatest mysteries which is still unsolved after thousands of years despite the massive advancement of the technology in recent times! Here are a few mysteries that can get placed in the best mystery blog with an ease at any given time.

How ancient Egyptians looked like?

How ancient Egyptians looked like

Despite the mummies, statues and engravings we found from the Egyptian civilisation, it’s still in a controversy that how, actually, the Egyptians looked like! One thing is quite certain about the ancient Egyptians is that the whitewashes from Hollywood are definitely not anything like the original Egyptians since the geographical location and environment cannot make them that ‘White’!

According to the Slate, Egyptians were neither white nor black by the current understanding. Researchers and historians believe that the Nile River drew people from many places across the world to Egypt and that is the reason it was a diverse place. The individuals who obeyed the King, spoke their language and worshipped the mythological gods were regarded as true Egyptian.

How did they build pyramids?

How did they build pyramids

Another thing researchers and historians are puzzled about the Egyptian civilisation and trying to explore the mystery but still unsuccessful in doing so. Even standing at the time when technology has reached its height, people still don’t have a relevant answer how the pyramid was built when there was no mechanism and technology which could lift those heavy stones and transport them.
A recent research at the Amsterdam University has given a probable answer with a ‘Wet Sand’! They have said, Egyptians used to wet the sand which helped them to pull a sledge and that will require half of the man power required originally! An ancient wall painting also likely to portray the wet sands which can illustrate the tendency of using the water by the Egyptians.

How did King Tut die?

How did King Tut die

One of the most intriguing stories about ancient Egypt is the death of the young King Tutankhamun that have fascinated the historians and researchers from 1922 when the tomb was discovered. The specifics of his life and death at the age of 19 became unrevealed and it creates a sheer mystery which has all the capability of making to the best mystery blog. The old theory of him dying from chariot crash is seemed to be unreal because he was found to be partially clubbed footed from his Mummy! It definitely makes him impossible to stand on his own.
A recent study shocked the world where researchers revealed that his parents were most likely brother and sister from his genetic analysis which made him die through a genetic impairment.

What’s hidden inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu?

What's hidden inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu

Khufu Pyramid is the largest of the three pyramids situated at Giza which may include some of the most mysterious secrets! A thermal scan of the great pyramid made in 2015 signified some thermal anomalies within the structure. Though it’s vague and blurred what actually that means.
A statement released about the outcomes of the scan stated that there can be various meanings of the Anomalies. They said that the explanation of anomalies can draft different hypothesis and possibilities such as the presence of vacuum behind the surface and the air currents!

Egypt has been the centre of attraction for the archaeologists and historians from a prolonged time period. Many explorers tried to unveil the mysteries hidden in every inch of the most developed civilisation’s remaining. Some of them were able to come out with a discovery and some remained in the dark!

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