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“War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering” – The Dalai Lama.

Despite millions and billions of similar quotes like the above, people are still involved in wars. From the very beginning of the civilisation when people empathised their self-interest they have been brawling with one another for their right! As the world developed, individuals advanced and formed countries, states and regions, they fought for the bigger perspectives like their countries. Then the fights became WARs! We have seen the worst outcome of the wars when houses collapsed, people died, countries destroyed and the soil tasted the human flesh and blood! We understand the devastating nature of wars but often tend to involve in it.
Another side of the war is when the soldiers are killed and get imprisoned by the hostile country. In many cases, they are unaccounted and left disappear from the history. Whereas most of the soldiers never return after they are believed to be dead but some have thumbed down the death and returned after many years of the declaration! Let’s have a look at some of those intriguing stories which can take place in any of the best mystery blog at any given time.

Andras Toma

Andras Toma
Andras Toma

Andras Toma relived after 55 years of his death! He returned to his village in Hungary in the year of 2001. His torment started during the time of the Second World War when he was caught by the Hungarian/German army and imprisoned near Leningrad in 1945. In 1947, when the camp closed down, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital where he forgot the last 50 years of his life. At the time he was finally discovered, Toma passed many years, was elderly and toothless with just some vague fragments of his memory. There was no proof of his identification but over 80 families recognised him as their missing relative and after reaching his village, his family immediately confirmed his identity.

Ho Van Thanh

Ho Van Thanh

Nobody can match the story of Ho Van Thanh. He served Vietnamese army but when his own village was bombed in 1972, he escaped to the deeper forest with his son Lang! During the time he was thought to be dead and he remained vigilant as he believed that the war had never ended and none of his family members is alive. He raised his son with no contact to the outer world.
One of Thanh’s other children actually survived, named Tri. When he got to know about two jungle men, Tri went looking for them. When Tri tried to make contact with them, Thanh denied to recognise him as his son but Lang took to him quickly. But as Thanh’s health was getting worse, he returned to the civilisation at the age of 82 and this incident indeed an interesting topic to be included in the best mystery blog.

Bakhretdin Khakimov

Bakhretdin Khakimov

The war between the Soviet Union and Afghanistan in the 1980s ended in both the bloodshed and confusion! Like many others, one of the victims was Bakhretdin Khakimov who was a native Uzbek believed to have died in 1980 after getting seriously wounded. After being declared ‘DEAD’, he was apparently treated with the herbs by a medicine man. Kakimov became a medicine healer himself after a certain time phase with the name of Sheikh Abdullah. In the later phase in his life, he married an Afghan woman and lived through the invasion in 2001.
Khakimov was found later by the Committee for International Soldiers in 2013 after 33 years of his “death”. He could recall his family but wasn’t able to speak Russian very well and had nervous tics related to his days in the red army.

There is a numerous number of soldiers who are assumed to be dead but only a few have returned and still living with their original identity. These soldiers are the biggest examples of the people who literally overcame death and spend their life with their own family. War is synonymous with death and destruction and these men know the meaning of death the most. Returning from the death is intriguing, isn’t it?

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