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When it’s about science, truly nothing is impossible! Things we only have had in dreams are now possible by holding the hands of science. If we talk about science, one thing will deliberately appear on the discussion and that is undoubtedly PHYSICS. From the time people started to evolve, they tried to invent such things which are chiefly the products of Physics! From discovering the gravitational force to inventing the atomic power that has the capacity to destroy cities, states and even countries, physics is responsible for every advancement of human history.

Even today, physics frequently makes to the best productivity blog and you will gape in awe after encountering with the inventions which have recently been innovated that seemed impossible before! Many scientists have been able to outdo the limitation and achieved certain heights that can smite you with an astonishment. Let’s see the some of the most recognised inventions made possible by physicists.

Molecular Black Hole:

Molecular Black Hole

A group of physicists have come up with something that behaved just like a BLACK HOLE! They made use of the most influential X-Ray Layer present on earth the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) to zap iodomethane and iodobenzene molecules. The expected outcome of this research was to scoop nearly all of the electrons from the particle’s iodine atom by the beam, leaving a vacuum. In experiments with the weaker lasers, this emptiness hoovered up electrons from the most external part of the atom. When LCLS hit, the projected happened but something strange happened alongside! Instead of stopping with itself, the electrons from the neighbouring hydrogen and carbon atoms were eaten by the iodine. The result was similar to a black hole small in size.

Computer Chip with Brain Cells:

A remarkable research has given birth to an invention on a computer chip mimicking even the human brain and it promptly ‘thinks’ by utilising light rays which interact with each other in a mannerism analogous to neurons! In the latest trend in technology, light is believed to be replacing the electricity. Physicists appreciated the fact that the waves of light can travel next to each other. That was the ground of the miraculous invention. Think about the smartest device in the world having emotions and practical decision-making abilities – truly a revolution!

Time Crystal:

Time Crystal

Time Crystal is something worthy to mention in the best productivity blog. Frank Wilczek is a Nobel laureate who initially suggested the concept of time crystals but at that time, it sounded nothing but crazy when he stated that they would be able to produce movement at ground state which is the lowest level of energy in matter. Movement is theoretically impossible in physics as there is little to none energy. Whereas physics at that point did not intend to recognise the concept, Wilczek believed that perpetual motion can be generated by flipping crystal’s atom structure in and out of ground state. Such an object’s atomic structure would reprise in a timely basis and it will harvest constant switching without requiring energy. It was against the laws of physics in 2012 but after 5 years of advancement in technology, in 2017, finally people have understood the procedure to make the impossible materialise in reality.

One team deployed ten interrelated ytterbium ions with two lasers. One moulded a magnetic field, while the second attuned the atoms’ revolving until Wilczek’s flipping befallen. That’s how the impossible has been possible.

There are quite a few of the miraculous inventions that have completely turned the principles of physics upside down and have aroused numerous jaw-dropping inventions. But according to me, the above three inventions have truly changed the equation of physics and its definition. What you considered impossible and irrational are now happening with physicists coming with different ideas.

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