Secular India Not so Secular Anymore!!!!

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          Has India Been Lied About Being A Secular Country… When people in India debate secularism and communalism they often forget that secularism isn’t one well-defined entity.  There are three distinct forms of secularism. The form that India has followed allows for differences in laws across religion. Especially personal

The Harmfulness of Using Wireless Devices

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The buzz of cell phone radiation has been heard many times. The radiations coming out from wireless active devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones are also too much harmful to human beings. If you want to enjoy using them you should not be panic, use them logically following the safety

Top 5 Winter Gateway Ideas for Adventure Lovers

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Probably, you are waiting for a winter trip this year as a long vacation is knocking on the door. Therefore, the location matters most to make you completely refreshed. Today, I’ll inform the most pleasing destinations where your mind will get the topmost refreshing elements which will surely rejuvenate all

Some Charming Ways to Fight Loneliness

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From the check-ins at the romantic dinners to passing happy hours with the ladylove, from the bachelorette party to the happy hours with dear ones- everything fills the memory for life. But, the days of mournfulness, stress, and anxiety are no less painful. The most painful moments are the days

5 Bleak Truths We All Need to Know About Relationships

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A peaceful relationship is always expected by all. A painful relation should always be avoided from life. Having a painful relationship is much harmful to mental and physical health. It is better to close the relationship except having a relationship with no intimacy. It is easy to make a relationship,

6 Unrevealed Secrets to Lead Your Leaders

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Leading is a great challenge and everybody cannot do the task very efficiently. But, when the leader is efficient and influential in all their activities and pays a clear attention to everything, he is the best leader. Most leaders want to lead and do not want to be led. But, all

Some Proven Methods to Boost Your Luck

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Why the best student in the class fell ill and got worst marks? Why does a person become wealthy and another is not having the same quality. While one person fails to his all achievements, another person is getting success whatever he is touching. People call it luck. Luck comes naturally

Karni Sena: Is it a political master stroke by Congress Party and Opposition?

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Politics is a dirty game. But when political parties play by the life of people, the game turns vulgar. Is it just a violent protest against a movie? Burning of public properties, curfew, spreading fear by so called protesters of Karni Sena reflects the poor mentality of its leaders and

7 Personal Hygiene Rules We Smash Every day.

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Personal Hygiene Is Not For Saturday Anymore!! Much Like Charity Begins At Home, Sanitation And Hygiene Starts With You And Me..! Yalla! Let’s talk about Hygiene. The rules of hygiene and self-care are not that difficult, but we still tend do some things wrong at times. XpressPlanet is going to tell you 7