Easy Tips to Manage your Curly Hair

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It’s a curse if you are born with natural curls but trust me the beauty of curly hair often gets unnoticed because of the conventional trend of straightened hair. If you go through best lifestyle channel, you will see that many keep complaining about their hairdo and unnecessary knots. However,

Few Tips to Avoid Cough & Cold

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Weather is the vital accelerator to attack your immune system. You will notice that you will be the victim in seasonal changes whenever the temperature falls down or increases from a humid and sultry weather. People easily get cough and cold followed by fever which makes them weak and affected

All about Halloween


Halloween is also known by All Hallows Eve, The Feast of the Deed and All Hollowtide. It is an eerie celebration marked every year in the western countries on 31st October. It is mainly a Saint’s Day usually celebrated on Tuesdays, an eve of the Western Christian feast. It has

Top 10 Diwali Weekend Getaways!

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Are you tired with the humdrum of life and want a break from the daily routine? This Diwali try to spend it with your loved ones and celebrate it away from the city. Diwali is around the corner and did you just ask me to keep calm? Best lifehack blog

An Overview of Mainstream & Parallel Cinema

Mainstream V/s Parallel Cinema

The parallel and mainstream cinemas are the two sides of a coin: one is dedicated basically to commercial success (Mainstream) and the other is dedicated to unleashing the social crisis, needs, and so on. The audiences of the both are distinguished. Only the classic-minded personnel entertain the parallel ones

Is flaunting narcissism a disease or a trend?

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Social media has become the monster and spreading misery and mental disease amongst teenagers and adolescents. Best lifestyle channel displays various types of social blogs that says that people are highly influenced by social media and become addicted to certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram where they want to be