Tiger Zinda Hai- A Movie Review

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Tiger Zinda Hai is inspired by the real-life incident of the rescue of the Indian nurses who were seized and taken under the control by the terrorists of Iraq (jihadist group ISIS/ISIL). The entire affairs of the mission have been done successfully by Indian RAW agent Tiger (Part played by

6 Health Foods That You Should Better Avoid

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When the nutrition specialist mentions some food as “healthy”, we breathe a sigh of relief. They consider in regards to the percentage of carbohydrate, protein, fat and some micronutrients. But, all the foods and its ingredients are not healthy when they are used in different forms. So-called “health” foods are

The Negative Impacts of Cartoons on Children

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Cartoon channels of TV grasp the maximum attention of the kids and children today. This does not become the entertaining way of the kids, this becomes their addiction. The cartoon has its benefit of having lots of fun. Watching cartoon every day will make them addicted to it. This affects

Virat-Anushka Wedding- A High Profile Marriage!

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What was not there? Elegance, simplicity, and sophistication- the wedding of Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian cricket team and Anushka Sharma, the top level Bollywood actress have been enjoyably celebrated. This high profile wedding has set a benchmark for all the future celebrity marriage. The reputed fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee