Without any doubt, Google is the highest used search engine in the world. Be it for programmers, developers, common man or hackers, google has unintentionally programmed the minds of people to search their queries. More than the need it has become the habit. Sometimes we get the desired results sometimes we don’t. But it is always beneficial and handful if we are aware of some google search tricks.

The reason is for a single search query, we are catered with thousands of pages of information. So, it becomes quite tedious to find relevant results matching to our need.

Over the years, Google too has been made smart by its engineers. Not only it delivers you the proper results but also it saves your time in abundance if you know exactly how to search for it.

Let me show you some tricks that work perfectly with Google Search engine. And possibly these tips may make your searching swift and easy.

Here are 11 google search tricks that you should be aware of

Google Search Trick 1: Search specific word in a single website

The first trick we will learn about is to search from the website a specific word and all the pages or links that contain that word.

Here is the trick: 
Use <word> site:<sitename> to search for a specific word. 
Replace <word> with your search word and <sitename> with the site URL from 
which you wish to look for that word.


Suppose, I want to search for the pages or articles that contain word “meditation” from xpressplanet.com. In the below image, you can see how I did it.


Google Search Trick 2: Search for an exact phrase

Few of the times you may need to search for an exact phrase. If you search it in a conventional way in Google, results may contain links that have an exact phrase or partial part of it.

Here is the Trick: 
Use of double quotes “<search text>” can help you search for 
the pages that contains the exact phrase that you are looking for.


I want to search the websites that have exact phrase Best IT Companies in the world.

In the image below, you can see how the search results differ by just adding quotes to the search string.


Google Search Trick 3: Search for related websites

Google gives you the facility to search for related websites. Suppose, you want to find out social sharing website like Facebook.com from all over the web.

Here is the Trick: 
Use command related:<sitename> in the search query.
Replace <sitename> with website URL.


In the image below, you can see the websites related to facebook.com.


Google Search Trick 4: Search PDF, word or any type documents

For college assignments, official purpose or for some personal requirements, the need arises to search for files in a specific format such as doc, pdf, xlsx etc. With the help of google search engine, you can search files with the desired format.

Here is the Trick: 
Use <Search String>:<Document Type> command in search text.
Here, replace <Document Type> with the type of document and 
<Search String> with your topic.


Assuming, I want to search for files in PDF format on Diabetes. The above google search trick delivers me below results:


Google Search Trick 5: Search in range

Range search is another fantastic feature of Google search engine. With the help of this trick, users can search for things like t-shirts, jeans, mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. in a certain range. This will save you from spending over your decided budget

Here is the Trick: 
Use <Item> <Minimum Range>..<Maximum Range> in search box.
Replace <Item> with the thing and give your range of minimum 
and maximum range separated by double dot ..

Example, T-Shirts $10..$100 shows results


Google Search Trick 6: Search in time frame

Do you wish to save your search results from outdated contents? Then this google search trick will be very useful to you.

Here is the Trick: 
Change the time frame from Search Tools button present below 
search results in your page


When I search for latest iOS applications normally, I got the below result


Now when I change the time to Past One Hour from Search Tools, my result contains the contents that are updated or uploaded in last one hour


Google Search Trick 7: Search incomplete strings or forgotten phrases

Many times, we forget the proverb or some saying or some good useful quotes. We can find them easily on any website, but sometimes only brief idea about them makes it difficult for us. Google provides a way to search the forgotten phrases by joining the two half strings with asterisk (*)

Here is the trick: 
Search in the format <String 1> * <String 2>  in google search box.


There is a proverb in Chinese “A Bird Doesn’t Sing Because It Has an Answer, It Sings Because It Has a Song”

Assume, I don’t remember it exactly. But I just have a clue that it starts with A bird doesn’t and ends with song. See the results below:


Google Search Trick 8: Bubble Level in Android Smartphone

This google search trick works only with mobile phones. In your Android smartphone, there is Google Search or google chrome application, write bubble level in its search box. You will see a ball in a green screen that will show the degree up to which your phone is tilted.

You can use this trick to determine the level of things at your home or office

Here is the trick: 
Type bubble level in Google Search or Google Chrome application.


When I typed bubble level in my smartphone I got the result as shown in an image below:


Google Search Trick 9: Fun Facts

This is a very humorous Google search trick. Whenever you type Fun Facts in the google search, it returns with facts that are funny as well as knowledgeable.

Here is the trick: 
Type Fun Facts in google search box.


I searched for Fun Facts two times and see below the results:

Attempt 1


Attempt 2

Funny and Smart as I said.

Google Search Trick 10: What sound does a dog make

Have you ever wondered how does an elephant sound like from your laptop? Now you can try that too through google search engine. This is one of the amazing google search tricks which is interesting and at the same time give us the brief introduction to the animal world.

Here is the trick:
You must write exactly the phrase What sound does a <animal_name> make 
replacing <animal_name> with an animal of your choice.


When I searched for What sound does a dog make, I got the below results. As I clicked on the sound icon, my laptop barked. Funny, isn’t it?


Google Search Trick 11: Where is my phone

Who would love to live without a smartphone today? It has become a necessity rather than a medium for communication. I wonder you can pretty much do anything with your smartphone. A person is dependent on it today for small things such as an alarm to things as big as a controlling large equipment.

But what if it gets lost?

When you make an account in Google Play from your device and enable GPS, Google automatically collects the data of your current location.

So, when you ask to google a simple question “Where is my phone”, the search engine will display the last detected location of your phone it has stored.

Here is the Trick:
Write Where is my phone in google search box


I wrote Where is my phone in the google search box. See the results below:


Google Search Bonus Trick: Search Images from Specific Websites

Google Images have this amazing trick to search all images from a particular website. Instead of searching through an abundance of images from all over the web, you can just enter the website name and find the image you want.

Here is the Trick:
Write link:$<website name> in google search box.
Replace <website name> with the URL of the website.


Open the Google Images link. Enter link:$www.xpressplanet.com in the search box. You will find results as below:

google search bonus trick

Please mention in comments below if you know any of such interesting tricks and hacks of google search engine.

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