Basic etiquette!

While growing up, our parents taught us innumerable manners and rules to become better individuals in our lives. From never being rude to anyone to always being independent, there were golden life-lessons. Sadly as we grew up, we forgot most of them!!

As adults, while we’re busy climbing the ladder of success and making a mark, we’ve forgotten how no one is going to come and remind us of those etiquettes. Isn’t a part of adulting knowing how to behave like a mature, sensible adult?

When was the last time we actually listened to someone instead of staring at our phone? Or, didn’t interrupt someone just to make a point??

Unfortunately, as a society, we’ve all forgotten basic etiquette while chasing success. And here is a crash course for those who need a reminder:


1. Do not brag about how much money you make.

2. Never interrupt a conversation just to make your point.


3. Do not keep looking at your phone while someone is talking to you.

4. Instead of mocking someone for their impaired verbs, try to correct them politely.

5. When someone shows you something on their phone, see and give it back instead of scanning the entire phone.

6. Always pay your share of the tab.

7. Staring at someone because you find them attractive is just so creepy, if you want go up and say “Hello” instead.


8. Have the habit of saying “Thank-you” and “Sorry” whenever required.

9. Do not justify a compliment and say a simple “Thank- You” instead.


10. Never refuse a breath mint when offered one.


Not Too Tough To Remember, Right?

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